Is this hill Sprint session good enough

Hi guys so I've been doing hill sprints once a week for speed and hill training
Is this good enough for a session 

Just over a mile warm up steady jog out
6x hill reps about 20-30 seconds flat out Sprint stop when the sprint is a jog walk down quick rest go again 
Then steady jog back in.



  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    It depends what you are hoping to achieve. It is a decent session for strength and speed but if I were doing a hilly race I'd probably want to do some longer hills too, maybe 2-3 min climb. I would increase the warm up and warm down to make the total session longer and more worthwhile and I'd gradually increase the number of reps to 10 or so. 

    I often do a very similar session which I really like but do 10 hill sprints with a total distance including warm up and warm down of about 7 miles. 
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