No problems with chafing

I'm up to about 10 miles in the build up to a half marathon. One thing I've noticed is that I haven't experienced any kind of chafing problems. In terms of the chest maybe that's because I normally wear a base layer which is fairly tight so I guess there's little rubbing of material on the nips because of that. Haven't had any down below either though. Should I assume that if I'm ok so far I don't need to take any other precautions or would you still recommend using some kind of lubricant on race day?


  • Sounds like you are good to go - unless it is raining (and you haven't had a downpour in training to compare).  Wet fabric potentially chafes a lot more than dry, so if you've always run in reasonably dry conditions, and the forecast is wet for your half, think about taking precautions.
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