Tokyo Marathon 2018

Anyone else have their fingers crossed for the ballot results later this month??


  • In true Shawshank style, i am up for rejection early next week :-)
  • It's the hope that kills you....
  • Hope is a dangerous thing. Drive a man insane.
  • Just after posting that - i get an email - Congratulations You have been accepted for participation!! There is hope after all!!! This will be the 6th and Final Major!!! Can't believe it!
  • I got rejected, would of been my fifth major.

    Might go charity place year 2019. 

    Still need to improve my times for Boston though.
  • Rejected. The wait for the final 6th major goes on....
  • Congrats andyc209! Doubly exciting as its your last Major! I got a place too, can't believe it either!!!
  • Well done Braceandy - what a winter/spring this will be for me - NYC in November, Tokyo (Feb), London again (April). Booked hotel now - doing flights tonight - worried about the jet lag though - but not really going to race Tokyo - want to take the last major in and enjoy the achievement! See you out there! :) 
  • MandMMandM ✭✭✭

    Got my confirmation email, hurrrah, super excited.

    Guess wheel needs to be put in motion for flights, place to stay, logistics, how long to stay, when to fly, lots of questions as this would be my first-time to Tokyo.

    It would be great to hear from others of their plans as well as perhaps to hear from past Tokyo marathon runners?  


  • well done MandM. spent last night booking my hotel and flights - going to do thursday to monday (flying out wednesday from heathrow because of the time zones wont arrive till thursday morning) Hoping that gives me enough time to get over jet lag. booked hotels ages ago so got a good cheap deal on a hotel in the centre. Great feeling I'm all done and ready to go. 
  • MandMMandM ✭✭✭

    Thnaks Andy, thats great, you are well versed in organisation front, have not even responded to email to confirm my place yet :). I have never travelled far east so unsure how to manage this trip, you already pointed out time zone to consideration! Anyway, as you have done the research you probably can recommend a conveniently located area/hotel to stay? BTW any recommendation for the airline/flights?

  • i just used and got Mystays Premier Hamamatsucho - booked a while ago and got great rate of £670 for 5 nights - rates and bookings have jumped massively last night so i'd get in quick. My hotel is about 3km from centre so only short trip to start. If cannot get close to centre i did see the Hilton in Tokyo Bay next to Disney is cheap but a great hotel - just a bit away from the centre of Tokyo. Not researched much about Tokyo itself - just tried to get as close to middle as possible. Did book a few room options at the MyStays which i've now cancelled so there should be a few available :)

    Flights wise i had to use Heathrow (nothing from manchester for us northerners) Booked Japan Airlines/BA - fly wednesday morning but arrive Thursday morning and then return Tuesday. Cost about £600 each with seat booking fees too but these are also slowly increasing in cost. Tried to get direct flights only so not a lot of choice. They seem to fly at least once every day.  I've just gone earlier than normal to get over Jet Lag as it might be bad going out there.

  • MandMMandM ✭✭✭

    Thanks Andy for the heads up, fortunately LHR is easily accessible to us so at least we won’t have that challenge. I will try to book the flights and hotel later. The real challenge is to get myself in to the training mode.

  • MandMMandM ✭✭✭
    Just a quick knock here to see how is the preparation coming along for everyone?
  • all ready, still seems crazy i'm doing NYC, Tokyo and London in 6 months - just looking around for things to do sightseeing wise now. Think Tokyo Tower is one definite thing and then take in some Temples. Training wise i am starting out on an intensive 3 week blast to try to get back up to speed for NYC after the recent injury issues. Speed is coming back, i'm just worried about the leg strength. Aiming to jump up to a slow 23m this weekend which will be 7 miles more than i've done so far hence i'm going to take it slow. Then planning on the same each of the following weekends hoping to build up the speed. Normally by now i've done at least 3 or 4 20 milers. Changed aim for NYC to a 3.15 maybe 3.20 to make sure i get round. Will take a week off then carry on for Tokyo as long as my knee gets round OK. Going to try and do a full 6 months training keeping weekend mileage v.high with the aim of another sub 3 at London. Think Tokyo will simply be just enjoying the atmosphere and surroundings. Noticed they seem to have changed the course again to get rid of the affect of that large hill that was near the end. seems as though the course is in reverse to previous years if I read it right?
  • MandMMandM ✭✭✭

    Fantastic news, how you managed to get in these three marathons so close to each other! A friend of mine was running NYC but unfortunately got injured and had to pull out, he was devastated, its so  hard it get a place in NYC.
    I guess NYC will give you good feedback on how best to approach Tokyo, i dont know how runners can manage marathons so close to each other, you got to be super fit, lol.

    Yes I guess its good to have organised plan to explore Tokyo, naturally some shopping too, lol. I would like to know if we have big enough group to organise a carb loading meal on Saturday?

  • i think there will be a decent group over there - Sports Tours sold out their allocation fast - would be interested how many UK people got in the ballot - finding a decent carb meal may be difficult - not really a sushi fan :)

    I think my knee has been trying to tell me to stop these multi races as did my doctor but hey its the drug of running! 
  • I managed to get into Tokyo through the lottery. Am staying in Ginza near finish but am still watching prices nearer start. I’ve still to book flights. Am flying from Glasgow so definitely not direct. A bit nervous about doing this one - hoping I don’t get lost on public transport. Got injured (a fracture) 3 weeks before Boston this year and had to cancel. So I’ll just be grateful to see a finish and start line! Am also doing London. Was totally shocked to get into Tokyo but it’s a chance in a lifetime!
  • everyone ready? - been quiet on here for a while - only 3 weekends left then we fly out. Had a few 20+ milers in the bank which went well, running with a brace on my knee that helps the pain. Its still playing up but i can hold sub 7.30 pace ok. Really worried we are going to fall foul of some of the local customs though - trying to plan the stay, working out the subway/rail lines is fun. We are staying in Hamamatsucho.
  • I failed in the ballot, so am running the SenShu International Marathon at Osaka on 18 Feb instead. Will be cheering you all on from Shinjuku. Unless, someone decides not to run and passes me their bib to use :)
  • MandMMandM ✭✭✭

    Hi Guys,
    Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the event/holidays, :) . I had a setback which meant that i may not be able to run the marathon, unfortunately. Despite the setback, we are still going ahead with travelling as all had been booked/paid for. I am devastated to say the least as I was looking forward to the event but have taken the news on the chin. I am looking forward to cheering you guys/fellow runners comes 25th.

  • gutted M&M - can defer if ballot entry? Weather looking cold for spectators so wrap up warm - i'm taking several layers for that start line! 
  • MandMMandM ✭✭✭
    thanks Andy, situation wont be any different comes next year so no point in difering the entry, yes the forecast says breezy so expecting London like weather. Wish you all the best mate and hope it goes well for you. Do come back and tell us how the event went.
  • thanks, that is such a shame for you - just hoping the my knee holds out so i can get that 6 Star Medal at the end - realising this may be one of my last ever marathons - its just getting too painful to even walk on sometimes. Wearing either a Team GB vest or Spongebob vest - not sure yet. Look out for me and i'll deffo report back 
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