2017 - off road shoes - any current ideas?


I am looking for recommendations for off road shoes, but will need to be able to do the occasional mile or two on tarmac in order allow looped runs and courses.

I usually run in Saucony's and find them great so bought a pair of the Peregrines. When I first had them I thought they were good but have found that I get tendonittis in them, this even occurs when I walk in them and so I have passed them on to my son for his general mooching about it. Nothing else I have does this, no issues with road running in my other Saucony shoes, no issues with my walking boots and shoes etc.

So am looking for a pair of off road shoes that are perhaps a little softer underfoot. Any recommendations?



  • At the moment I'm quite liking the Hoka Challenger ATR 3's for trail running with a bit of road running mixed in. It's no good in mud though, the Mafate Speed 2 or probably Speedgoats are a better pick then. I want to give the Brooks Caldera shoes a go next.
  • One more vote for the Hoka Challenger ATR 3. Have clocked up some really long days in them this summer, and not a blister in sight. Weird stretchy laces, but you get used to that. Not sure if I'd use them again on roads after trying proper road shoes, though...
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