Exploding into 2018

Well, after a big problem with calf injuries, moving house, having more children, playing golf and lets face it.....being lazy, I am back at it.

Got going in 2015 but endless calf injuries really scuppered things. I think, hope, beg and prey I have at last found the problem! It seems to be my office job tight hips being the cause. After doing some basic stretching the pain seems to have massively reduced, if not gone when running.

So I have joined a new gym and am loving getting up and going before work. After a couple of weeks though I am back thinking about events. The jewel in my daydreaming crown is Ironman. All I want to do but its a world away at the moment. I am however very excited to see what I can achieve in 2018. There is already talk of doing the great north run with a couple of guys from work and I have my sights on a couple of sprint tries and one Olympic. There is a local 70.3 in September which would be a big achievement for me to get there in a year and move onto a 2019 Ironman. Obviously the GNR would be knocked on the head if I did this. 

No real reason for this post other then I am excited about being back and had to share
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