Solving my Low Cadence

Possibly of low relevance for most, but thought I'd post in case it helps anyone. Made a massive difference for me this morning. And I'm aware running with music isn't for everyone...

Top training tip I've discovered. I have a friend who earns a miserable living DJing in a cheesy bar. I've got loads of favourite running tracks, but the BPM varies from 160 up to about 210, and my cadence has always been stuck at 166 on the trails, so the music never quite 'fit'. I got him to plug my tunes into some music software, and he's given them back remastered into three versions - all at 180bmp files, all at 184bpm files, and finally for those extra energetic days, all at 188bpm files (We'll get to those in a few weeks). Now I can bounce along at much higher cadence, singing along to all sorts of god-awful music, and my cadence problems seem have been solved in one stroke. Beauty! And much more pleasing than listening to a metronome app on a phone. So if you struggle to get your legs turning over quickly, find a friend who DJs, hand them your playlist, and wave goodbye to Low Cadence Misery forever.

If you haven't got a handy DJ friend to speed up or slow down your running tracks, find your tunes' BPM using this page, and make mini playlists depending on the undoctored tempo of the songs.
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