Pace tracking android app recommendations

Hi. I've always used Runkeeper to track my runs, and while it's not perfect, I've put up with it as I've only ever been a casual runner.

But I'm getting a bit more into it this year and beginning to manage my training by pace. Runkeeper seems ok to track my average pace for a steady run, but I want to run intervals too and the 'current pace' tracking is useless, bouncing up and down by minutes during steady running frequently.

So is it just a limit of the technology involved, or are there apps out there that you know do it better?

Thank you.


  • I've found Runkeeper as good as anything, and I still run with my phone if I'm doing intervals so I can get it to announce "4 miles fast" or whatever, but even when I'm doing that I've given up using the phone to track pace and find the Tomtom spark or runner to be far superior and very reasonably priced at about £50. 
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I wonder what it is that makes the watches more effective at pace tracking. Was hoping to avoid extra gear, but I'll give it some thought...
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