IM Wales 2018

I think I've managed to talk myself into IM Wales for 2018. I need a challenge otherwise I don't train and although I loved Austria 2015 I didn't want to go back and repeat a IM when there are some many to try.

Who else fancies an IM branded race in the UK, challenging course but great support?


  • Forgot to mention is open for entries tomorrow, 4 tiers of pricing going up after a certain number are sold. Does have a deferral scheme you can defer to the following year up to 45 days before the event (might save a DNS Raf ;) ).

    Anyone who done this in the past I'd love to hear your stories and any suggestions over accommodation and logistics.
  • This is a pool based swim isn't it?
  • sure is, they have a wave machine but rarely switch it on ;)

  • Going on what Raf & Symes are saying I might well give it a go
  • I believe Red Stripe has entered! 
  • Yup I’m in. It’s years since I’ve swam in a pool with a wave machine 
  • Best keep an eye open for Mark Wahlberg then.

  • Scuba: check out the many stories of the IM2016 and older threads. For some reason the 2017 thread was very low key. Stories will abound though as - unusually - the swim was pretty benign but the bike (and for speedy people - although not sure such a thing exists for IMW - also the run) weather was pretty unpleasant (rain plus wind). It is not a tough IM simply because of the course profiles.

    Accommodation: plenty of choice depending on what you are after (tourist info can help, but everything from campsites to 4* hotels) but TOP TIP: BOOK fast as Tenby is not that big and gets RAMMED with IM participants and supporters very fast.

    Logistics: Depends what floats your boat. Get there early and soak up the atmosphere, or arrive late and leave early. Registration will limit your arrival, but you can escape all through the day if you want to leave the same day (you just need to pay attention to which roads are open and when).

  • I've just signed up again.. Loved it in 2016!
  • Slotwin said

    Accommodation: plenty of choice depending on what you are after (tourist info can help, but everything from campsites to 4* hotels) but TOP TIP: BOOK fast as Tenby is not that big and gets RAMMED with IM participants and supporters very fast...

    Not wrong there slotwin! Managed to get an apartment booked today but accommodation is very limited already! 

  • Thats it, I'm £432 poorer but have a place in IM Wales 2018.

    Slotwin thanks for the info, I will be booking some camping very shortly and then hoping the weather is good for the whole weekend not just the race day. Its Wales its bound to be fine warm and sunny.

    Where can I find a pool with a wave machine locally?

    Do we need a list?
  • Rusty: it is all those who didn't make the bike cut-off returning to avenge the weather.

    Scuba: you can always camp in your car/van in the multi story. Plenty of people do!

    A list? Already? That smells awfully of keenness and organisation..................

  • I'm in... for a bumpy swim, bike and run. :-0
  • My advice is to practice swimming uphill and walking in the dark talking to yourself, also uphill.

  • Hofmeister glad you've joined the party.

    Flat Footed are you coming to play as well?
  • edited December 2017
    I'm in! 270 days to go
  • I don't know why but I didn't get round to booking either a static caravan or camping pitch when I booked my slot at IM Wales and now I look only to find they are sold out,  even the camping pitches. Does anyone have a static booked and have a spare bedroom (happy to share costs) or got a pitch booked I could add my tent as a pup tent, it is only a little hiking 2 man'er. Any other ideas for solutions welcome but sensible ones would be appreciated.

    Any one started training yet, I know Cheggers will have.
  • Scuba - we’re booked on a hard standing pitch at Kiln Park. I don’t know whether we’ve got a grass bit next to us and if we’re allowed pup tents. If we have and we are then you’re welcome to stay on our bit of grass!

    Been training hard and am currently returning from a weeks ski training in France. I’ll contact Kiln Park - probably on Tuesday - and let you know what they say. 
  • Scuba - Kiln Park say no to pup tents, sorry.
  • Cheggers

    Thanks for trying much appreciated. Hope you came back from skiing undamaged and ready to go.
  • Camping now sorted at a low key site called Meadow Farm on Northcliffe, nice and close to swim start, but further to Transition. £9 per night bargain.
  • and uphill (the clue is in the name), but by the end you will know exactly how to negotiate uphills via any mode of self transport.

    Getting from Transition to Northcliffe will be a pain in the bum whilst the barriers are still up, so you may want to recce how to do that on the Saturday (they keep changing where the barriers are else I would tell you the best route).

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