IM UK 2018 - Any entrants? previous competitor tips

I've signed up for IM UK 2018 - Anybody else? Also looking for any specific course tips?, I've already booked accommodation and understand the split transition element. Plan to recce the bike course over the next few weeks to tailor my winter bike training plan. Main aim this year is to have a good bike without ruining the run for once.


  • Hey TB
    How are you my friend?

    We are always out supporting at IMUK and next year will be no different.

    The swim can be murky at times and this year they had complaints about diesel in the water 

    The bike course has 2 climbs in it Sheephouse lane and Hunters Hill, you have to do each 1 twice, Sheephouse is a long drag with 1 steep bit, Hunters is just steep, the support at the top of sheephouse has to be seen  :D
    City of Lancaster Tri (COLT) have the now famous COLT alley, and there is a pirate corner supporting station 

    The run is hard but generally well supported

    Let me know when you are going up and will meet for a coffee :-)

    Might even be able to get a few out for a group ride round the course
  • Hi both. I'm signed up too. I did outlaw as first full distance this year and loved it. Unfortunately the boredom of explaining to people I'd done an ironman triathlon but not an IRONMAN triathlon has meant I've signed up for a race especially designed to highlight all of my weaknesses. Sod it though, I live 30 miles away so I don't even need to get a hotel, and that'll do me! If you want any company on a recce then let me know...
  • Thanks SA,  Things are okay at the moment ;-) , as well as they could be anyway. Hope things are okay with you too. MemphisRaines that sounds perfect, I'll let you know when I can make it up for a recce / coffee.

    If I get chance I'd like to do this before the winter gets set in so I can tailor my local long bike rides to the expected profile.

  • I'm good apart from half term, when ironically I'll be holidaying in Tenby, surveying a completely different IM bike course for a race that I probably won't ever do (until I change my mind in about September 2018...). But would be nice to dodge the rain,snow and wind on a recce, even if that's not really ideal prep for July in Bolton...
  • Hi, I'm in for my first time. I have a whole long list of things I need to find out but will start with an easy one that has been confusing me but there must be something I misunderstood.

    So, bike is racked and bags are in by Saturday afternoon. Plan is to then get the shuttle bus from the stadium down to the lake in the morning but no access to bags so does everyone just go dressed in wetsuit and throw away item/shoes? 

  • Good question Marty101. I'm in too.

    Do we get a day bag (to put our travel things in) to throw on a lorry that gets returned and the end like at IM Staffs?
  • Be aware that the courses are changing for 2018 and haven't yet been confirmed.
  • Hey all,

    First post..

    Im entered for 2018, after reading a few groups on facebook the rumour is that T2 is changing from Middlebrook to the town centre.
    Seems to be backed up with the fact Little Mix are playing a concert on Saturday 14th at Bolton FC.

    Also on the face book page of Mike Reilly, hes running a poll over which IM he will announce at in 2018.
    Unfortunately as a new poster it won't let me paste the link.  Take a look... Would make for a great experience for participants and spectators alike......
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