Tom Tom Runner 3 Cardio & Music

Hi, just wondering if anyone has been using one of the Tom Tom 3's. Just thinking of buying one with the music, so that I don't have to take my phone out with me. Is it a good device, and is the music good quality on the headphones? Also can you use other earphones with it or just the Tom Tom version? Thanks :smiley:


  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    GPS fix on those watches is very slow compared to Garmins. That's the reason I chose the Garmin over it. Can't comment on anything else.
  • I have the non-music version and it's ace so long as you sync it regularly (every few days or so) with your phone or laptop so it can update 'quickgps'.

    The music element isn't supposed to be great according to reviews.

    New to these watches with a very recent update is (and this is brilliant IMO) the ability to create custom workouts on your laptop and upload to your phone. This is brilliant for interval training; you can program any number of different intervals and it beeps and vibrates and displays the info for the next interval, plus showing you a pace indicator based on what you programmed.

    Check out the Tomtom outlet site; I paid about £45 for mine and it has been brilliant.
  • Thanks guys, I have gone with the Tom Tom cardio & music, so fingers crossed it will work out well! :)
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