Brighton hotel prices

Just thinking about a marathon to do in 2018 and was checking out the cost of Brighton accommodation on the marathon weekend. I know they have to make a profit but.... :o


    Either stay a few miles from Brighton and travel in on race morning or choose another race.  I do one marathon a year that has pricey hotels and I don't have my car with me and I book 10 months in advance to get a better rate.  The other races I do tend to be within easy driving distance from reasonably priced accommodation.
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    Trouble with Brighton is that you have to collect race packs day before - they don't send them out. Therefore unless you're on doorstep you don't have much option apart from being there.
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    You can still drive in on the way to your hotel, then pick up pack and head out of town again to your hotel or arrange for someone else to collect your pack and meet them on race morning
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