First Time Carb Loading

Running the Birmingham Half Marathon on Sunday! So doing 3 days of carb loading.

Aiming for a 70/15/15 macro split, maintaining overall calories. 

Question is regarding low and high GI foods... lots of conflicting information on the net! I understand the difference but am I right in saying a mixture of both low and high is fine in the loading stage, but the last pre race meal/breakfast should definetly be high GI (e.g. White bagel and ham)?


    You don't need to carbo load for a half marathon.  Your body has enough glycogen to get you round a half.

    Just eat normally making sure you keep well hydrated and you'll be fine.

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    sounds highly technical, think a good fry up might be more fun and have just the same outcome,  ;)
  • Unless you're targeting the sharp end of times, I wouldn't worry about any kind of carb loading/depletion processes - even then it's not really warranted for a half.

    I find a good pizza goes down well the night before a race!
  • Thanks guys for the comments!! I'll definetly not go too heavy on the carbs tomorrow then! 

    I'll keep it balanced... the pizza can wait until after
  • is their any shoes which will help me to stand up 8 hours and my feet are like in haven please
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