Female advice needed please - sorry men you wouldnt understand :)

Hi, am reasonably new to running and have a bit of a problem, I get realy sore breasts just before my period. It makes walking let alone running very painful. I have a great sports bra and take evening primrose oil which helps. Am I just wierd (proberbly) or is there anything else I can do? Thanks


  • I tend to wear a sports bra and also a sports top camisole type thing. I don't have much of a problem now really, but did before I lost weight (breasts smaller as a result). Take a mild anti-inflammatory if you need to as should help a bit too.

    Other than that can't think of much! Annoying though isn't it?!

    Good luck with the problem.

    H xx
  • thank you, yes it is annoying. I am losing weight but not from there, gone down 1 1/2 clothing size but only down to 36DD!! I will try the pills, thank you :)
  • i went from being a 34D to a 34A in three years of running (also lost about 2 stone). so, i'm sure if you stick with it those 36DDs will begin to be less volumptuous (i'm sure i spelled that wrong!) although, that's not always the desired outcome of running! it has made it loads more comfortable for me.
    also, i'm not sure if it would be worth it for you, but the pill has been great for me in getting rid of breast pain, cramps, etc. if you're not on it already, it might be worth a try.
  • thanks jennster but the pill gives me migranes, the docs dont like that. Will just have to run further and hasten my reducing chest. runs in the family though, all greater chested birds, my other half doesnt seem to mind though, hay ho.
  • I have this but don't have the problem of large breasts! I just pop an extra running top on to keep the buggers at bay!
  • yeah i wear an extra running vest thingy over a sports bra and it keeps my boobs at bay. (Not an easy taak i can tell you!!) Avoids "joggers nipple" as well. But i'm not sure if that's just a man thing, certainly i've never had it!?

  • Instead of joggers nipple, I found one of my old sports bras tended to rub just below my boobs and bleed....not good, but I dumped that one and haven't had a problem since.
  • Hi Phoenix
    I get bad PMS myself, although not breast tenderness. The Times had a great article about natural remedies for PMS and the author, Susan Clark (who has a book out called What really works in natural health) says that taking vitamin B6 works but for worse PMS, especially breast tenderness, she advises to take Agnolyt, take 10 drops in the morning and 10 drops at night. Order from nutricentre 0800 587 2290. I bought it but haven't been pms yet as i ran the paris marathon and delayed my period with a fantastic pill that does just that (in case you need to delay your periods i highly recommend it, it's called norethisterone).
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