How do you carry your phone during your run?

What do you prefer an armband or a waist belt? Or no phone at all

I had a bad experience being bitten by a Doberman and since then I always take my phone in my Flipbelt.


  • No phone at all. but i get told off by my partner ... "just in case I have an accident". Small expandable waist belt and a snappy sandwich bag :-)
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    I usually keep mine in a zipped pocket.

    I used to not take one at all, but then when on a trail run I stumbled a bit and it kind of hit home that I was about 5 miles from where we were staying on a quiet path and nobody knew exactly where I was, which if I twisted my ankle for example would be a long way back. So now I always take one when I run alone.
  • I only take a phone on long trail runs, usually in my running pack with water and gels and maybe a light jacket in cold weather.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I don't take one very often since I got my Garmin (used to use the phone for GPS tracking) but when I do, I use my Flipbelt.  To stop it getting sweaty, I put it in one of those little ziplock plastic snack bags.
  • I could never understand whey people bothered with GPS watches until I tried one and dumped the phone; so liberating!

    Now I only take a phone on 15 mile+ runs (in a backpack) where I'd struggle if I couldn't run back for some reason.

    Easily the best phone armband I've used (also the most expensive!) is the 'Arm pocket racer'. 'Arm pocket' being the actual brand, rather than a description! I think the 'racer' is the cheapest on they do, but it's still pretty expensive (£30 ish IIRC). They are really good though; soft, comfortable (although not as comfortable as no armband at all!), and waterproof.
  • Lately, I've been wearing running shorts with zip pockets over my running tights. Been the most practical solution for me at the moment.
  • No phone for me, just my gear fit 2 watch, but my route is known to my wife and is less than 5 miles in distance, so she knows where to find me if i don't return.
  • I wear leggings with a pocket on the side of it so that helps it not slip up
  • MacMac ✭✭✭
    No phone, never have on runs.
    I've always felt it would scream "Mug Me"!!!
    I do sometimes think about emergencies etc. but so far in 15 years or so of running I've never needed one.
    I do have an Apple Watch S3 with cellular but I don't subscribe to the service so that wouldn't help!
    I may consider it though once there are more choices of service providers and I can just add it onto my Virgin contract. 
  • I was using a waist pouch/kangaroo belt but kept getting stitches - wondered if the belt was inhibiting my breathing so I picked up a neoprene armband. Stitches ceased, so there you go. Don't listen to music, phone is just for strava logging and in case I'd need to phone in an emergency.
  • I've got a neoprene Belkin armband which I love. I listen to podcasts so couldn't run without it. It's super comfy too.
  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    Only carry a phone for long runs and then I use an armband.  Used to use a Spibelt but found it flops around a fair bit, maybe others are better.
  • Always used to run with my phone (for music and GPS tracking), but now i've got myself a Garmin it is so good to be without the phone! I don't even bother with music now unless i'm on the treadmill. Used to carry the phone on my arm, however the watch is hassle-free and "comfier". Plus if you get caught out by the rain with your phone on your arm, you could potentially wreck it. Most GPS watches are waterproof, which is the best thing for me. Carrying a phone on trail runs makes more sense though.
  • I carry mine on my bedside table. I just run with a £10 in my pocket for emergencies and don't need or want a phone while running.
  • I always take my phone with me on long runs for music and incase of emergencies and I’m a fair distance from home. I just use an arm band but my friend doesn’t like then and uses a belt. I guess it’s personal preference really. 
  • No phone at all since I drowned a new phone in a waterproof pocket earlier this year. In supermarket waterproof sandwich bag if absolutely necessary.
    Yes I live in Scotland!
  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭
    Usually in an armband [in a waistband if I think I'm likely to have to strip a layer mid-run] - use it to track runs and in case of emergencies as I have a habit of going 'off-piste' and getting lost, so helpful to be able to use gps to get me home if I need to, or to call home to say I'll be later than planned.

    Once I fell and hurt myself quite badly so needed to call hubby to come and get me, so always carry it for safety anyway.
  • PeersPeers ✭✭✭
    I carry mine in an armband as I like to listen to music while running alone.  Just a cheap less than £10 job off amazon.  I need something to carry my keys in anyway so have to wear an armband regardless as I don't have pockets on my running clothing.  Does the job and doesn't feel uncomfortable
  • Have a pockertat the back of my shortd
  • I've always struggled to take a phone with me on a run, they're so big now and the sweat usually gets in there somehow no matter how much plastic I wrap around the damn thing.

    Now I just take an old MP3 player out with me(no safety benefit of course I just like running to music).
  • I have to admit, I struggled with this for a while. First world problems! I have a pocket in the back of my running shorts, but I dislike that and the headphone wire kept snagging.
    I now use a S3 Gear and Bluetooth headphones. Much easier.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    why would I need a phone ?

    most of my runs do not even have music
  • tematema ✭✭
    Always on my longer trail runs, out in the country. It goes into one of the pockets in my hydration vest. When carrying water/nutrition, you hardly notice you have the phone on you, but always good to know you have it.
  • ianbianb ✭✭
    I've started going further afield now running, and got injured on one, and had no way to call a cab or anything so felt I needed one.

    I ended up going for a Huawei watch 2 with 4g sim. As it has a sim, you can make calls from the watch (without needing a phone), plus it can log your runs to Strava (has a Strava app). GPS isn't as accurate as dedicated gps watches, but it's not bad really. Plus you can run google maps or viewranger on it, so if you get lost, you can find your way back.

    May be an idea for some, if the finance isn't such an issue (I actually like it as just a simple watch as well, which is partly why I got it).
  • I planned on buying a GPS watch and leaving my phone at home, but I'm lucky I didn't as I took a fall 6 miles from home and if I didn't have it I would of had to of got a passer by to call me an ambulance as I badly injured my knee.

    I'd suggest running with either a partner or a device you can contact your ICE
  • I bought a running watch (Garmin 235) in the hope that I could leave my phone behind, after spending first 2 years running carrying the phone in my hand. Unfortunately Garmin don't make a cheap watch that plays music so I still take my phone with me :( these days I use a 'running belt' that I got for $6 from kmart.
  • In winter in a ziplock bag and jacket pocket.
    In summer in a waist belt in a ziplock bag.

    I use it mainly for taking photos though .Can you still make calls on these things ?
  • b3nb123b3nb123 ✭✭
    Most arm bands I've tried are really annoying, with a screen cover that really doesn't register your presses properly. Then I found a really comfy silicone one on amazon ('Fone-Stuff 2 in 1 Tough Cover') that not only leaves the screen uncovered, but more importantly has a really comfy elastic strap.
    The problem is, it's not remotely waterproof, had a run that ended up in torrential rain and the headphone jack got severely water damaged! So now I always put the phone in a ziplock bag too if it looks like it might rain!
  • b3nb123b3nb123 ✭✭
    I did switch to a running belt, but most of the time I want to carry a few gels, and there's not a lot of room for a phone! Also, hard to get the phone out to change tracks, get a photo etc!
  • Lots of running belts have loops for gels and a pouch for the phone. 

    I don't bother with music - as you say its a faff changing music but very easy to get the phone out for photos if needed. 
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