GPS watch advice for techno muppet please

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I don't have any experience with GPS at all but I'm at the stage with my running where I want to just be able to look at a watch and see how far I've run rather than always planning distances on a map beforehand. I'm also bored with running endless laps of my local Parkrun course purely because I know and can keep track of the various distances. So apologies for any techno muppetry but I'm basically looking for something that will: keep track of my distance, show me my running pace, has normal watch and stopwatch function. If it stores or can upload data on past runs all well and good. Fairly open minded about heart rate monitoring, it's not a huge deal-breaker for me. I'm not looking for something overly technical, just fairly user friendly. I'm not thinking of spending ages analysing loads of different information on every single run. Was thinking of spending up to £100 but open to suggestions if there's something excellent just above that. Any thoughts?


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    You can pick up a Garmin Forernner 25 for less than £100, and it ticks all your boxes.  The 35 is the newer model, and has more features (including wrist based HR) but is around £120-130. 

    I have the more expensive (£230) F235, and I'd say if you can justify the cost to get the HR monitor, it's worth it.  Although you might not want it now, it can be a useful tool as your running progresses.  I can tell if the little sniffle I have is just a sniffle (resting heart rate is normal) or if it's going to be something worse (resting heart rate is up by 10 or more). 
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    DC rainmaker has a good review of the forerunner 35.

    It is just over £100. Also it is Garmin which means you can track everything on Garmin connect. 
  • Thanks. Daft question but are there any costs involved apart from buying the watch? Do you have to subscribe to any online services etc?
  • I have Forerunner 25 and it is simple to use and you don't have to sign up for anything. At the end of the run you can just save or delete it. No extra costs once you have it.
  • If you want something really simple and cheap then the Tomtom watches are cheap since they're withdrawing from the market completely. The Spark (1) is a great little watch and you can get one for £50 if you shop around.
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    TomTom withdrawing from the market? that official?
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