Meeting a fox hunt while running (or walking)!

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Today out running in the sticks (trail running), I met a hunt in full effect.

Although I've lived in the country for years (and as a child), I've never actually come across the hounds while on foot, and I don't know what the hell one is supposed to do! I ran for it, although was concerned that they might give chase!

Does anybody know how best not to get bitten? Or do they not bite people? The hounds I mean, not the hunting people.

I am vegetarian and anti-hunt, but I didn't think it was the best occasion to attempt a sabotage...


    If you met the full hunt, horses and hounds then I think the protocol is to step to one side and let them past.   I've never heard of hounds biting but they are inquisitive and will come up to you and if they're foxhounds they are quite large.   

    Last winter I was running through a tiny hamlet, the road only wide enough for one car and I met the huntsmen on foot exercising foxhounds, quite a sizeable pack, the huntsmen disciplined them into a large gateway to allow me get past and no problems.

  • personally i'd carry a paintball gun if i thought there was a chance of meeting them
  • The most vicious animals are the hunters. When they are galloping they expect everyone else to get out their way, even if you're on a footpath!
  • Sad thing to come across. I suppose running past the dogs isn't a good Idea. did they chase you?
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    sophie85 said:
     I suppose running past the dogs isn't a good Idea. did they chase you?
    especially bad when you are a rabbit.

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    Running from any dog is the worst idea ever, especially working dogs with developed prey drive. 

    Just stop and let them go on their way, maybe say "hello dog" (cheap trick - almost every dog recognises their second name of "dog" and the word "hello") and offer the back of a hand. I wish more runners would do this when I'm out with my dog instead of legging it past and then getting upset when the dog reacts. (Not hunting)
  • eltonioni, I love dogs and I'm hoping to get one myself but after 2 fairly bad experiences with dogs when I'm out running I'm incredibly wary. Generally try to keep out of the way and slow down to a walk. I think it's a worry about not knowing the dog's nature or the owner's attitude though in saying that a dog off the lead approached me when I was running through the park a few weeks ago. Owner were quite a bit back and it wandered up to me when I slowed down and I was quite happy to pet that dog because of how it seems so it's probably a good bit down to how I feel or how the dog/owner seems.

    Subject at hand though, never considered that and now pretty creeped out at the thought of meeting foxes and hunters when out on the trails. Scary...
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