Mont Blanc Marathon 42k

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I've landed a ballot place in the Mont Blanc marathon on 1st July.  The training is going to be a challenge and a fine balance between getting the miles (and climb in) and not getting injured.  Anyone else heading out there for the this or another of the races that weekend?


  • I did it this summer and I can´t stress the importance of hill training enough. Personally I underestimated this and as a result barely finished within the time limit (my time was 9:29 and the maximum time 9:30). For comparison I´m usually around 3:30 in city marathons so this a totally different beast. But it is a great race and I´m sure you will enjoy it with the right preparations. And don´t forget to bring a pair of poles! :)
  • I am running the marathon too, and for the first time and really looking forward to it - bought my first pair of trail shoes and backpack!  I take your point SS about hill training and fear a local hill with 120m ascent in 1 mile wont be nowhere near enough so am staying for a week in Chamonix in June to get some proper hill training. 
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    How are peoples training going.  3 (flat) marathons now done and dusted for 2018, so time to focus on MdMB and start running up and running down - how hard is that! (gulp!) 
  • OuchOuch: I can recommend you to walk up and run down when you train as that is how it´s going to be in the race. A bit unconventional, I know, but you use different muscles if you walk uphill compared to if you run and you have to train for that.
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    Cheers SS.  Had a week in Chamonix recently and though the plan was all-running, did plenty of walking both up and down, quads on fire!.  Race day imminent, really looking forward to it.  Further ramblings to be found on sub3 forum. 
  • Anyone had any problems in trying to register for this years event? <div>
    </div><div>I keep getting an error message on the registration page stating ‘can’t find your quotation in the ITRA database’. Any ideas what this means? Thanks  </div>
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    Mine seemed to go through fine. Hope it works for you. 
  • Thanks for the quick response OuchOuch. Are you a member of the ITRA, I wasn’t sure this might be the issue or that there is entry criteria I didn’t pick up on? Thanks 
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    I seem to be on the ITRA database but am not a member.   There is no entry criteria for Mont Blanc, just luck of the draw. When I ran it in 2018 it was the first time I'd ever run a trail marathon. Have you been able to enter now? 
  • Hi, yes! Thanks for confirming on the entry criteria and ITRA membership, it meant I could rule those out. Must have been just a glitch as I could enter this afternoon when I tried for the third time, didn’t enter anything differently! Cheers for your help 
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    Excellent.  Has the registration fee been deducted from your bank as mine seems to have, which I am taking as a positive sign. 
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