The Thousand Mile Club - 2018



  • Gentle start to the year for me....trying to follow some sort of training plan for my Ultra.

    9 miles YTD done but this included our club Winter Handicap race...I managed 5k in 19min plan said "easy pace" so that went out of the window fairly quickly.

    Got 8 miles (Easy) to do sometime today.

    Good to see lots of people cracking on with the 1000 this year.

  • 12.75 miles last night in preparation for the marathon later this month.
    YTD = 25.59 miles.

    Daughter has asked me to train her for her first marathon (yes she persuaded me to transfer her mother's charity place to her for the VLM) so likely to do extra miles with her starting today.
  • Worked night shift last night and got out this afternoon for a 10k, bit chilly at only 24 degrees!

    YTD 28 miles
  • Just managed to squeeze in two miles before Dh had to leave for work at 8.

    So a total of 12.3

  • Parkrun today takes me up to 23.7 so far and I've run every day except Tuesday, I'll probably do a couple of miles tomorrow and Monday then have a long run on my day off on Wednesday. Still taking it easy after an injury break with no hint of decent pace yet but I'll work on that next month probably.

    2018  23.67
  • Parkrun yesterday and 7 miles this morning

    YTD- 22.4
  • Am I the only person on here who's never run a parkrun?
  • 5.81 yesterday and 8.91 this morning

    YTD 42.59 miles
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Dubai, you might be the only runner on RW not to have done a parkrun! Perhaps you need to set one up in Dubai!

    6 miles this afternoon, brings me to 18 YTD
  • Dubai Runner, no you're not alone...I've never done a Parkrun although I have signed up just in case I find myself near one at the right time.

    25miles YTD
  • I hadn't heard of parkrun till recently, still not exactly sure what it is!
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    I've now reached 23.3 including yesterdays parkrun. 

    Dubai; Others are better placed than me to give you the history of the park run movement, but I think its a charity with the aim of promoting recreational running and fitness organised locally by volunteers but co-ordinated at a national level. Essentially its a network of free 5k events run every Saturday morning, usually in local parks. I love mine. Have a look at their website.

    To use a horse racing analogy yesterday the going at my local event was 'soft, heavy in places' 
  • 7.08 miles including Parkrun (current total of 235 Parkruns of which 95 as pacer and 20 other forms of volunteering) yesterday followed by 13.77 miles SLR this morning making 
    YTD = 46.44 miles

    Given I am reducing my target to 2018 miles this year I have also decided to limit my marathons to 12 in 2018
  • 'Er Indoors has done 149 Parkruns now
  • Impressive parkrun stats from you and your other half. I'm on 109.
  • Oy oy saveloy!!!

    Goodness... fail to log in for a week and the thread runs amok - fantastic! Too many posts for individual mentions (that'll teach me... hahaha!) but welocme one and all, and congratulations to everyone on the excellent totals amassign already. :smiley:

    I managed to run to and from the club track session on Thursday, which totalled 12.70 miles, but missed yesterday's easy run due to marshalling for the county XC champs. Had a 'mare of a morning today with a completely flat batttery on my car that was blocking hubby's car on the drive - so we had to push it off the drive and then push it back and forth to park it up on the road. Then I managed to lock the keys of our other car inside the car and hubby was already on the golf course so I couldn't get to the local forest for the club run (yet again!). Went for a much delayed trot around this eveing instead and only did 6.24 miles since it was so late in the end.

    YTD: 24.09 miles. (good Lord - already a mile behind Hobie!)

  • Andrea Dawson 2,

    I train on Tuesdays and Thursdays (mainly hills), I use Parkrun to fine tune my pacing while helping others -starting at 35 minutes (5 hour marathon pace) and knocking off 30 seconds every week to help a group get under 30 minutes (28 even) and then I start again.  This helps me stay focused for my marathon pacing role.  I then do Long Slow Runs (LSR) or races on Sundays.

    'Er Indoors tried to stop me running a few years ago after I retired Fauja Singh (the world's oldest marathon runner whom I coached) but then she started running herself - we do different Parkruns (she in Valentines and I in Barking) as she cannot stand me nagging her (she says) - I use this as an opportunity to run two miles to the one in the next town as a warm up and then run back giving me an extra 4 miles each time.

    Very soon there will be a Runners World Pacers Hub (set up for the Virgin London Marathon primarily) that everyone can access - I will provide the link in due course.

    Hope this helps.
  • A belated Happy New Year Little Nell,

    Defo go for a saveloy at the GNR this year if I win any little wager with you - I am only 22 miles ahead of you in the first week lol.
  • Had a look at the parkrun site, see they have them in Singapore, which I tend to be in more than the UK. Maybe do one someday...

    8.11 miles this morning 

    YTD 50.7 miles

    Forecast for possible rain today - we average 6 days of rain a year! - so might have to go out for a run later again if it rains!
  • Howdy all,

    I hope it's not too late to join the challenge, I missed it last year - 921.5 miles.

    I'm hoping the little bit of extra motivation of checking in will push me through the 1000 this year.

    Year so far.

    1st Jan - 4.35
    4th Jan - 7.85
    6th Jan - 3.3
    8th Jan - 10.4 (oh my goodness it's cold today)

    YTD: 25.9 Miles
  • Morning all,

    A warm welcome to all the new people joining our little group and good luck to all of you, however looking at the totals already being logged I don't think you need any luck!

    As I already posted, a slow start for me this year as still not quite at 100% fitness, however 3 fairly good outings last week, so all good.

    Dubai/Hobie, I haven't as yet done a Parkrun either, like Hobie I to have been registered for a while but presently we don't have a local one as such, hopefully one day soon though.

    Stat's for last week

    03.01.18 - 4.37
    05.01.18 - 4.37
    07.01.18 - 4.37

    YTD = 13.11

  • 3 miles today

  • dprovandprovan ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone, newbie here, aiming for 1,000 km so 621 miles. Completed 20 miles last week and managed a 3 and 5 miler last night this afternoon. I am really looking forward to having a positive challenge to aim for.
  • Evenin' all!

    Some excellent running being logged already - well done everyone.

    Belated Happy New Year to you too, Harmander... and all.

    dprovan - if you're doing 20 miles a week you'll do 1000 miles, never mind 1000 km (you need 19.24 miles per week to just break through the 1000 miles barrier in 52 weeks) :smile:

    LOL - David... are you running the same route by any chance? Nice list of 4.37 miles runs there :wink:

    Tuesday is a double day for me - and boy, did I need it! I'm having the sh**est time at work at the moment - some things have happened that make me feel so worthless and like I've wasted the past six or so years of my life... so I just find myself sitting staring at my desk or tearing up bits of paper, and just can't speak to anyone... so a tempo run at lunchtime: 1 mile w/u, 3 miles "brisk" (tempo ~10K pace), about a mile c/d - totalled 5.43 miles... and a massive blast around the track with the club tonight totalling 5.25 miles inc. w/u and c/d (10 x 90 sec VO2 off 90 sec recoveries plus 4 x 30 (30 recoveries)) was exactly what I needed. I'm now able to speak normally to hubby - which is progress at least! Overall total for today is 10.68 miles.

    YTD: 34.77 miles.

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Oh no Nell! Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. You are right though, going for a run does help to make things feel a bit better (usually)!

    I am suffering with a heavy head cold - can't breathe (or sleep), shivers, aching, headache etc - so tonight's run is looking unlikely.

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    YTD: 29.4

    Nell: Agree with AndrewD going for a run always helps!

    Anyone got any advice about blisters? Running in new trainers, although the same make and model as the previous ones, and I've been left with a pretty big blister on my left instep. Think the problem is my orthotics which only cover the back half of the foot, rather than the trainer. 

  • Donnie2,
    I think anti-chafing stuff (or Vaseline) also helps.

    I know I promised to cut down my races this year but my provisional list of planned Marathons and Half Marathons for 2018 is copied below.  The ones in bold are not confirmed as there are competing events on these days.  Given the cost of air travel I am only going abroad twice this year.


    1.      28 January           Runner Bean Marathon                  Essex

    2.      10 February         Olympic Challenge Marathon       Essex

    3.      14 February         Valentines Day Marathon              Kent

    4.      25 February         Roding Valley Half Marathon        Essex

    5.      4 March               The Big Half Marathon                   London

    6.      18 March             Brighlingsea Marathon                   Essex

    7.      1 April                   RAF Centenary Marathon              Essex

    8.      22 April                Virgin London Marathon                London

    9.      12 May                 Luxembourg Marathon                  Luxembourg

    10.   23 June                Dartford Midnight Marathon        Kent

    11.   28 July                  Twilight Ultra                                   Essex

    12.   18 August            Thames Meander Marathon         London

    13.   9 September       Great North Run                              Newcastle

    14.   16 September     Richmond Runfest Marathon        London

    15.   23 September     Ealing Half Marathon                     London

    16.   14 October          Birmingham Marathon                   Birmingham

    17.   21 October          Toronto Waterfront Marathon    Toronto

    18.   3 November        Thames Meander Marathon         London

    19.   11 November     Remembrance Day Marathon      Essex

    20.   16 December      SITC Dawn To Dusk Ultra               Essex


  • I took a couple of rest days to ease off a bit and got out for 8.7 miles today which were a real struggle and I just couldn't get going despite the sunny weather, it was the longest run of the year so far though.

    2018  34.56
  • 4 miles for me today.

    YTD 29.4 

    I really need to get some extra mileage in these early months as I take a big hit when it comes to the school holidays.
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