The Thousand Mile Club - 2018



  • 9.1 5.11 miles
    10.1 rest
    11.1 7.07 miles

    YTD : 62.88 miles

  • That's a lot of races Harmander!
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    YTD: 33.4

    4 treadmill miles since last posting when I mentioned my blister. Went with the treadmill at the gym as didn't want to find myself a couple of miles from home and struggling.

    Thanks for the advice about how to cope with the blister, went with a plaster and loads of Vaseline, but significantly my old trainers. Problem is where the edge of the orthotic meets the sole of the new trainer and was solved by returning to my well worn pair which obviously cant go on indefinitely.
    I've worn the new trainers a fair bit around the house, any tips for (to use a cricket term) 'knocking' them in?

  • Dubai Runner,

    Yes, but it is my normal yearly jaunts. I do it to guarantee pace times I am expected to do in my favourite races.

    Ran 13.66 miles on Tuesday night and again just now makes my
    YTD = 73.79 miles
  • I'm aiming for 1000 miles but walking and running (not together) but I typically run 4/5 days and will also do a day or 2 of walking so I want to count everything. Especially since I've only been running since April 2017.

    Currently at 20 miles of running and 8.7 of walking.
  • Ahoy-hoy peeps!

    The thread continues to move apace, which is great to see!

    Only 20 races planned this year Harmander... a light year for you... hahaha! Yes - it is, indeed, a lot of races Dubai - you'll become accustomed to Harmander's level of crazy as the year goes on :lol: 

    Welcome xKerry - all the miles count, whatever the pace :smile:

    Track night again for me tonight, including running there and back. Tonight's reps were 6 mins, then 4 x 3 mins, then 4 x 30 secs, making a distance total for the track part of 4.81 miles (inc. w/u). With the runs there and back the total mileage was 13.67 miles.

    YTD: 48.44 miles.

  • Harmander - we don’t even have 20 races in this country! There’s by far more triathlons and this time of the year is race time due to the temperature. 
  • 7.15 miles

    YTD 70.03 miles
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Managed to beat the cold and get out for 5 miles yesterday afternoon which felt ok, if a little slower than the equivalent run pre-cold.

    23 YTD

  • AndrewD - getting back is the major hurdle, good one.

    I've added another couple of runs since Monday

    10 Jan - 10.4
    12 Jan - 4

    YTD: 40.3 miles

    I'm training for the Stirling Marathon at end of April, at the moment that's the only race I'm committed to - the thought of having 20 planned already, eeek!
  • My number of races are nothing compared with some of my friends in the 100 Marathon club - a mother and daughter team did 53 and 54 marathons in a year which is still a lot less than others who do about 60 or 70 marathons every year.  As I said before, I know my place in the 100MC lol.
  • Another four miles today
    YTD- 33.4
  • Now I'm playing catch up Nell,

    Running club 7 miles on Wednesday & Ultra training plan said 8 mile yesterday so I had a lovely frosty run early yesterday morning.

    Great miles everyone is clocking already

    44.4 Miles YTD

  • 7.39 miles done

    YTD 77.42 miles
  • Out of interest what the price of a typical half/marathon in the uk in 2018?
  • Today 1.4 miles to get to parkrun & then parkrun 

    YTD -37.9
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Ytd - 36. 5

    Visiting family in Ipswich this weekend. Parkrun in the glorious Christchurch Park. Lovely.  Recommended. Waiting for my time to appear on the website. Optimistic.   
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Intervals last night, which with warm up and down came to 4.5 miles.

    27.5 YTD
  • Hi-dee-hi campers!

    Some great mileage racking up for you already, Dubai! In general, I think HMs range from about £20 - £35 (although there are probably cheaper and more expensive ones out there). That's about the range I'm prepared to pay for a good, well organised Half. They don't have to be big events - I do some really good local HMs, usually oragnised by local clubs... they tend to be at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

    Well done on battling through your cold, Andrew - I often find a run in nippy weather helps to clear the old sinuses.

    Steven - have you considered a Half in the run up to Strirling? My training plan always has at least one HM and one 10K as sharpeners and/or yard-sticks to how the training is going.

    You're certainly banking some nice regular runnng there Andrea - hopefully that will help when the school hols come round :smile:

    Hobie - I am 100% certain you will overtake me again at some point... it's real motivation having someone either breathing down my neck or just a few miles ahead!

    Donnie - hope the parkrun result was everything you were hoping for :smiley:

    Just 4.10 miles easy for me today - ran just after lunchtime but was fasted as I last ate at about 7:00 pm yesterday and hadn't eaten at all this morning before the run... always makes me feel light and springy! Heading out for a girls' night out in Manchester this evening - a "Whine and Dine" which is just what I need right now :lol:

    YTD: 52.54 miles.

  • 10.19 miles including Parkrun makes my

    YTD = 83.98 miles

    With LSR tomorrow will be around the 100 mark in first two weeks

    Oh dear, there was I trying to cut down by a third the year's total and I will be 8 miles ahead on same date in 2017.
  • Thanks Nell, race prices here have gone crazy- a 4K I’ve done before with my wife and kids is $50 each!
    So about £40 for a 2.5 mile jog.
  • 8 mile slow paced run this morning.

    YTD -45.9
  • Night shift last night followed by 5.14 miles and then 3.13 this evening before another night shift

    YTD 85.69 miles
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    6.5 miles this evening, so I rescued 16 miles from this cold interrupted week!

    34 YTD 
  • As promised, did 16.38 miles LSR to get me over the 100 mile mark.
    YTD = 100.36 miles
  • A brilliant start by everyone this year, bodes well for the year ahead. I have been on a 5 day juice fast this week so haven't done much running atoll, couple of low mileage runs this weekend just to keep ticking over until next week.

    5/01 - 7.6 miles
    6/01 - 12 miles
    13/01 - 3.6 miles
    14/01 - 4 miles

    YTD - 35.9 miles
    All i have is all i need, enough for love but not for greed
  • Evenin' all...

    Oh Harmander! Epic fail - you had one target this year and you've already gone awry :lol: Fantastic mileage by you nevertheless. Well done on breaking the 100-mile barrier (already!!!).

    Nice work, Andrea!

    Good going, Dubai - just about one run behind Harmander at the moment... it's going to be a close run thing.

    That's a good amount of mileage, Andrew, given you've been battling a cold - well done.

    Nice milegae stacking up for you there, Sketchead. What's your usual weekly mileage if ~36 miles is a light week?

    LSR for me this evening... another late Sunday run. Icy, driving rain started after about 5 miles - but a nice run in spite of this, totalling 13.04 miles. The longest I've run continuously in quite a while - I did over 13 miles on Thursday but that was in three chunks of four-something miles.

    YTD: 65.58 miles.

  • Morning all,

    As always great motivation to get on with it. Great mileages being done already.

    Reccy run for a local 10k Team Pursuit race yesterday & added a bit to make it up to 10 miles. Still trying to stick to a plan.

    55 miles YTD.

    Nell, I'm quite a bit behind you now but keep looking over your shoulder

  • <b>Nell</b> - I have earmarked a local HM (Balloch to Clydebank) for running about 7 weeks before Stirling - that's if they ever get the entry system up and running (forgive the bad pun). I've been trying to run this race for about 6 years but something always seems to get in the way - for example they cancelled it last year due to lack of access to a leisure centre. Most other times I've either been injured (or just in poor condition after the New Year lol)

    Woke up on Saturday morning by crying 18 month old, which left me feeling sluggish - so I postponed Sat's run until Sunday (doesn't take much to put me off does it) - hopefully it doesn't mess too much with my routine for the rest of this week.

    14 Jan - 13.85 Miles

    YTD: 54.15
  • New to RW, loving this as a personal challenge to keep you motivated through the year..... although just checked my Runkeeper for last year's stat and its at 1,723.9Km..... which to my calculations is 1034 miles :o

    YTD 39 miles
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