The Thousand Mile Club - 2018



  • My money would also be on Harmander...

    7 yesterday and 8.59 this morning

    YTD 136.3 miles
  • 7 steady miles this morning

    YTD- 69.5
  • Afternoon all,

    A big welcome to Lilly61 & Steven Morrison 2, some great running from you already.
    Dubai Runner, Well done on getting over the first 100 miles, you couldn't send some of that nice weather our way could you? I don't generally suffer with the cold, but the wind lately - Horrid!
    Donnie, A very decent four mile time, especially on the dreadmill!
    Senidm, You were brave, hope the bling was worth the Blizzard :) 

    Stat's for last week,

    16.01.18 - 10
    18.01.18 - 5
    19.01.18 - 6.25

    YTD = 56.23

    Only three outings last week due to a family do on Sunday (Mum's Birthday), but back to four this week with increasing the long runs as the first marathon is imminent.
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    I love reading the updates - keep them coming. Hard to pick out individuals 'to many to name' etc.

    Since last posting: 

    Friday tea time on the gym treadmill - 5 miles, stayed on longer than planned to see if they won the money on the Chase. They didn't.

    Saturday park run (3.1 miles) going was 'soft, very soft' in places. Time was about what I expected!

    Saturday late afternoon, other half wanted to use the pool at the gym so went along with her to watch the footy results come thought on the TV screens by the treadmills - 3 miles and a late equaliser for the Rovers. 

    YTD: 59.6
  • Forgot to wish Harmander good luck for this coming Sunday and the "Runner Bean Marathon" Hope you are feeling better by then, and have a good run.
  • hi everyone  
    so thought I'd better sign up to the forum. I've been running for just about 18months now. fast approaching 40 and in need of getting fit.
    run a few fun runs and that's about it as for completion wise....that is until my wife decided it would be a good idea to enter us for the race to the stones this year. 100km or 60 miles in old money. started training now and do a 10k twice a week plus another longer one at the weekend.  worked out we have 900 miles of training to get in. 
    hopefully the knees will last the distance . 
    anyone from somerset uk?

  • oh sorry forgot YTD 61.2 so far
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    Hey, hey, hey sports fans!

    Hello and welcome to Yamington and Lilly too :smile:

    Excellent progress by everyone... as Donnie says, too many to mention after my short hiatus - but of note is Dubai breaching the 100-miles barrier - well done.

    senidM - hope you're feeling fully better.

    Sorry parkrun didn't quite live up to your hopes, Donnie. On checking back to my 2016 and 2017 mileage spreadsheets, I'm actually behind this year compared to those two years (2017: 116.48 miles (on 22 Jan) and 2016: 92.95 miles (on 24 Jan))

    Thanks to David for carrying the "name check" baton in my absence :lol:

    I've been struggling with a huge amount of fatigue and my RHR up by about 10 bpm. I gave both track sessions a miss last week - and even ended up in bed asleep by 9:00 pm on a couple of nights last week... which is unheard of for me as I'm a real night owl!

    Did manage a 5.31 miles lunchtime run on Thursday though, along with a VERY boggy parkrun on Saturday (sounds like it was rather like yours, Donnie!) with my friends who've recently come back from a holiday in New Zealand... it was a real shock to their system - to say the least. With w/u parkrun totalled 3.44 miles. Then I managed my LSR yesterday - did a 7.5 mile loop twice giving 15.12 miles.

    YTD: 89.45 miles (yikes - dropped behind Hobie already! :astonished:

    WHOOPS! x-post with baldheadedrunner... welcome bhr! Race to The Stones - wow that's some undertaking!!! Best of luck :smiley: btw - not Somerset but an ex-pat Cornish maid now in Cheshire...

  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Evening everyone, I have to say everyone has made ne feel so welcome and so positive! 

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone better.

    So a steady 3.8 miles this evening, lovely mild evening run to blow the cobwebs away! 

    YTD 31.3
  • Thanks DC, as lilly said above - it's a lovely welcome in here.

    I'm just glad to get back down to running without constant fear of slipping on snow/ice/slush ... got absolutely drenched in a downpour this morning but it's just great to be back out.

    23 Jan - 11.6m.

    YTD: 85.2m
  • Thanks Nell, David it’s winter here as well, was only 24 degrees this morning. Went along the Jumeirah beach running track, funny to see tourists sun bathing whilst the expats are out walking with jackets on.

    9.73 miles today

    YTD 146.03 miles 
  • Welcome to Yamington, Lilly and Baldheadedrunner and good luck in your endeavors this year! 

    I'm a bit behind schedule thanks to last week's cold but I'm finally back and had a great run today which was planned for ten miles but it felt good so I extended it to a half marathon making it my longest training run since September despite the wind and rain (again).

    2018  53.9 miles.
  • Evenin' mille milers!

    Hey - you're another late night poster Lilly! :smiley: 

    Very nice mileage stacking up you for you there, Steven. Do you have a time in mind for Stirling?

    OMG - running in those temperatures would kill me, Dubai... respect to you for churning out the miles that you're doing :open_mouth:

    Good to hear you're feeling better, Matt! That always seems to happen - you have plans for time off and you body just packs up and succumbs to whatever lurgy is going around. Sounds like a great come back run from you - well done :smile:

    Lunchtime run for me today with one of the friends I ran parkrun with on Saturday. 1 mile w/u then 3 miles "brisk" finishing with jog back to work for c/d. Unfortunately, we were both completely shattered after the dragging mud on Saturday so the middle bit was hardly what you'd describe as "brisk" - more like "trotting" :lol: Was supposed to go to the club track session tonight but didn't get back from work in time... can't say I'm hugely devastated as I'm about ready for bed now (8:15 pm!). Still struggling with fatigue - no idea why! Total mileage today was 5.41 miles.

    YTD: 94.86 miles.

  • Dear all,

    Good to see new names/faces.

    Thank you David Charman - sorry am a bit rushed but just got home after the run tonight - will update figures tomorrow.

    Little Nell - you can get over the 100 mile mark in your next run - 
  • Nell, I sympathise with the fatigue - it's a horrible feeling when the tank just feels empty.

    Stirling will be my first Marathon (I missed it last year due to injury - long boring story), so I'm shooting a little in the dark, anything Sub 4 is the target. My PB for the Half is 1:54:08 (Oct-2017) so in theory I think Sub-4 is do-able.

    Although, I lost all motivation in December, I logged 25.5 miles for whole month, and my fitness/sharpness has dropped accordingly. So at the moment I'm just working at getting back to where I was.
  • I did 3 tempo miles yesterday

    YTD -72.5
  •  Morning all,

    Nell, you're up on me again...this is going to be close ;)

    Good luck with Stirling Marathon Steven, bet the views around the course are stunning. Sub 4 should be doable, keep fueling yourself.

    Managed 4 miles yesterday lunchtime in hideous wind & drizzle, legs felt sore & I'd given blood the night before so a bit grim all round.

    94.5 miles YTD & club night tonight should see me getting to 100.

  • Hello all.

    First ever post on the RW forum, came across this thread after googling "1000 miles in a year" (as I'm sure many do). It seems like a great community, so I wanted to get involved.

    I started running in 2015 after the death of a friend and wanting to raise charity funds in his honour (got a London marathon place for that year). My running since has been sporadic, to say the least. I was back at London last year (same cause), and managed 467 total miles in 2017.

    This year I wanted to try and raise £1,000 by completing this achievement. It's a big step up from anything previous, but I believe I can do it. These first few weeks have been tough, as I haven't really done anything since last September. Planning on accepting a ~20m deficit against averaged target this month, as I work on getting my body back in shape (suffer badly from shin splints).

    Just wanted to say hi to all though, and share my story. I look forward to being a part of the community throughout the rest of the year :smile:

    YTD: 47.7
  • Welcome panoplyuk

    Nell, 24 degrees is nothing, I’ll still be running in the summer when it’s in the 40s, just slower and trying to stay in shade. Anything to try and avoid the treadmill.

    Between night shifts so only 4.14 miles today, I don’t sleep well after working nights.

    YTD 150.17 miles
  • Dubai Runner,
    Well done on getting over the 150 mile mark - you are amazing, I simply hate running in the heat - last year I had to use the treadmill because the temp reached 26 degrees - a few years ago I had my worst marathon for about 15 years when I ran in Singapore - the irony being that is where I was conceived.
    Yes, really good to welcome the new members - the more the merrier. 
    Nearly over the tummy bug but my little grandson (Harvir/Harvey) is currently in hospital with it - he is 18 months old.
    Yesterday I managed 14.16 miles making 
    YTD = 165.80 miles
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Hi guys

    I run a lot at night Nell, no o e around and work late and long!! So works for me..?

    Hi Panoplyuk being a fellow newbie let me say hi...

    You guys are truly inspiring and motivating me to really push on every day!

    Today I ran a very hilly easy 4.8 miles

    Ytd 36.2
  • Harmander, was signed up for the Singapore marathon in December but couldn’t make it. Dubai has a lot less humidity than Singapore, I’ve run in lots of different countries in the far east and humidity is a killer. Give me heat and low humidity any day! 
  • And I hope your grandson gets better soon.
  • Dubai Runner,

    Thank you, he has just been discharged and arrived home a few minutes ago.
    Only high heat low humidity race I have run and enjoyed was the Mauritius marathon in 2012 just before London 2012 Olympics.

    Please keep the pressure on me, I need it as am getting lazy in my old age.
  • Welcome to the group panoplyuk - grrr the dreaded shin splints, horrible!

    Harmander - Glad to hear the wee one is out the hospital, always nice to hear good news.

    Hobie - the views were certainly nice when I drove my brother-in-law to the race last year. We were meant to run it together but an injured leg ruined that plan. The feeling of watching thousands of runners complete a race I didn't make it to the start line of, is proving to be quite the motivator this year.

    25 Jan - 11.6m

    YTD: 96.8 Miles
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Welcome to the new threadsters this year!

    Harmander - glad the little one is recovering. Too much info on your 'links' to Singapore though ;-)

    5.5 miles for me last night after a few days off (which were planned). Included 3 miles in the middle at threshold/tempo pace of just sub7.30m/m. Slightly stiff groin (ooh err) and lower back this morning. Sitting at a desk for long periods is not helping it.

    Hoping a slow easy run this evening will loosen things off.

    60.5 YTD

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Welcome one and all. Good to see the 1000 mile community growing. 

    Steven: Good luck at Stirling. We'll follow your progress. My annual marathon is Oct. Sub 4 hrs is a great target and just about achievable from your half marathon base.

    Panoplyuk - like the background story, again good luck. I found the key to this challenge is not falling to far behind the pace, playing catch up is tricky. 

    I've been struggling a little with new trainers, in theory identical to the previous pair, but a think a remodelled sole is uncomfortable, it feels like a 'ridge' is digging into my foot. Nike Vemero.

    YTD: 70.7
  • Harmander no pressure today, Bbq is on and the beers are chilled = rest day

    Donnie I hate when they change shoes, bought 10 pairs of saucony kinvara 7s before the version 8 came out.

    Tomorrow is the Dubai marathon, having a boycott this year due price, $120 seemed steep (though prize money is good) and it's a boring course, flat with 2 turns to try and get the world record. No races planned at the minute, considering Katmandu marathon.
  • Wow Dubai runner, Katmandu Marathon sounds Snowdonia but higher :-)

    Good news on Grandson Harmander

    Big welcome to lots of new 1000 mile efforts, looking forward to following the great progress of one foot in front of the other.

    7 miles of hilly club run last night.

    Puts me on 101.5 miles YTD

  • Hobie1495, Donnie2 and AndrewD,

    Thanks for the good wishes for little Harvir - he is much better now, a little subdued but rebuilding his strength.
    Together with Hobie1495 and Dubai Runner I look forward to at least three others joining us in the 'passed 100 miles' posse this week.  I intend to run an extra 400m than I did on Tuesday when I go out later today - there is always a reason for my madness - will explain later.
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