The Thousand Mile Club - 2018



  • Glas your grandson is doing better x

    Rest day today Tuesday was a 3 mile tempo run & yesterday was a running hiit session.

    YTD- 74.8
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    5 very slow and easy miles tonight. Legs felt pretty heavy after the tempo session yesterday.

    65.5 YTD 
  • Thank you Andrea,

    Only did a bit more than Tuesday - 14.17 miles
    YTD = 179.97 miles
    Was hoping to reach 180 miles
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    Salut maintenant!

    Whoa... so many new posts... this is great!

    Dubai - yikes... 40 degrees!!! That's ridiculous. We had a balmy 12 degrees on Tuesday for my lunchtime run and I was sweating bullets :neutral: Yes - $120 does seem like daylight robbery... but I guess it's all realtive - you mentioned races are very expensive in general.

    Welcome panoplyuk - you can do it. You're right, you have a slight deficit... you need just over 19 miles per week from the start of the year but I'm sure you can make up the missing few miles.

    Harmander - glad to hear little Harvey is starting to get better! Can't wait to hear you try to explain away your latest fit of madness :lol:

    Lilly - I like a evening/night run too. I've been starting my LSR on Sundays at around 7:30 pm which means I've been getting back between 9:30 and 10:00 pm :smile:

    Hope you sort out the foot problem, Donnie - I don't have any experience of Nike shoes myself, but I know what you mean about the newer version of favourite shoes being annoyingly "improved".

    Well done breaking through the 100 mark, Hobie... we really are neck and neck at the moment - fun!

    Thanks, Steven - sooooo close to 100 for you! :smiley: I've found this marathon result predictor very accurate (gives me 3:48:56 off my PBs for HM and 10K whereas Runner's World would give 3:36:25 - I ran 3:45:52):

    Hahaha Andrew, I hope you managed to "sort out" your groin issues :lol::wink: Good to see you're currently on track mileage wise.

    That's a good pair of back-to-back hard sessions for you there Andrea - nice going!

    My usual Thursday session tonight... run to the track, run round the track, run home from the track :smile: To and from were 4.50 miles exactly each (first time the house has stayed in one place and not moved while I was out - LOL!) and the track session (12 x (60 with 60 recovery)) totalled 4.13 miles including w/u - not that I need a w/u but it's nice to chat and catch up with folks before the focussed session. Total for today is 13.13 miles.

    YTD: 107.99 miles.

  • Little Nell,
    First lady over 100 mark (again) well done.
    Yes thought if I did 14.20 miles I will get over the 180 mile mark - every little helps - when nearly home I thought nah, got to save myself by not running an extra 320m  because I got a marathon on Sunday - lol.
  • New course record of 2h 4 dead set this morning in Dubai, gives you something to aim for Harmander! Good luck for Sunday!

    Next Friday we have the Asia leg of 7 marathons 7 continents in 7 days, only 36000 euros to enter!!
  • Well done little Nell on passing the 100
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Well done Nell, that sounds like a hell of a warm up and warm down for a (fairly) short intervals session! Makes my 1-2 mile warm up look a bit limited! And yes, groin seems to have loosened off thank you :-)

    I will be doing my own intervals session for the week tonight, a bit of a pyramid session planned.

  • Not much to add today but I managed a quick five miles after work, still some way behind where I should be but I'm heading in the right direction at least!

    2018  58.9 miles
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Evening everyone, working yesterday all day but managed to get 3.8 in today putti g me on 40 YTD

    Well done Nell on breakibg 100! 
  • Cold, wet, windy and miserable - perfect day for a Long Run lol.

    Amazing running going on in this thread.

    27 Jan - 14.95 miles

    YTD: 111.75 Miles
  • Wotcha peeps!

    LOL - makes sense Harmander... although there is no way on Earth I could have left a run 0.03 mile short of a round number :lol: All the best for tomorrow's mara.

    Thanks Dubai - that's an unbelievable course record in the heat! I don't know how the greats do it...

    Thanks Andrew. Running to and from the track is how I get my mid-week MLR in ... it's scheduled for Wednesdays in "the plan" but I have my PT and massage on Wednesdays so I do a MLR and a reps session rolled into one. The reps session is whatever the coach has planned - out of my hands :smile: Hope your pyramid session was a success!

    They all count, Matt - 5 miles, mid-week, after work is a good step on the comeback trail.

    Thanks Lilly - also good going getting milegae in after work.

    Hey Steven, you've also joined the neck-and-neck race... well done on passing the 100-mile mark too :smiley:

    Just a nice 4.30 miles at lunchtime today at about marathon pace.

    YTD: 112.29 miles (tee hee - 0.54 miles ahead of Steven... my, that's close!!!)

  • Will feedback on the Runner Bean marathon this time tomorrow - am planning to 'just finish'.
    10.19 miles including Parkrun today making:
    YTD = 190.16 miles
  • <b>Nell</b> - close? You're beating me by over half a mile, if this was a race I'd call that convincing lol.
    I had a look at that predictor, its telling me 4:04 for the marathon ... i dont like it!  ;)

    <b>Harmander</b> - I suspect you don't need it but good luck tomorrow, I hope it all goes well.
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Good evening people,

    Harmander: Good luck tomorrow, are you the first of the group to race in 2018?

    Steven: I just usedthe predictor posted by Nell retrospectively. I think its pretty good. You may still go sub 4, it gave my predicted time for the marathon I run last Autumn as 3hr 59 and some seconds, actual was 3 hr 55. Factors in my favour on the day were prefect conditions on a flat course. I think you've a chance.

    Park run today: Muddy in parts, not a day for new trainers or PBs.

    YTD: 82.9
  • Good afternoon all, quick update before school pick up!

    fri 6.71 miles
    sat 8.23 miles
    sun 10.11 miles

    YTD 175.22 miles
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    7 long ones for me this morning. Felt mild and almost springlike at times! Sure the cold weather will reappear soon enough.

    77 YTD 
  • Runner Bean marathon earlier today.  Fantastic course of 5.30 km x 8 laps (felt longer). 2.50 km on hard towpath with the rest on (because of the wet weather earlier in the week) of quagmire that would make any Tuff Mudder proud.  I would still recommend it simply because Rik Vercoe (Race Director) laid on fantastic support for the event as he always does. Brilliant three dimensional medal too.

    Not sure if I became the first on this Forum to run a marathon this year because we are all doing the best we can in taking up opportunities as they present themselves.

    My next marathon is the Olympic Challenge Marathon on 10 February followed by two half marathons (Roding Valley and The Big Half) and another marathon on 1 April before the London.

    I have had to drop out of the Valentines Day marathon as I have simply got to go to another event that one simply cannot refuse - will tell everyone after it has happened.

    YTD = 216.38 miles
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    'Ey op me ducks!

    Well done, Harmander, on wading through the mud to chalk up the first thread marathon of the year! Your Valentines day event sounds intriguing - looking forward to the big reveal :smiley:

    Sorry the predictor wasn't to your taste Steven :lol: As Donnie indicated it's probably the most pessimistic (or realistic, if you like) predictor out there - both he and I came in a little under the Slate's predicted time, so I agree with Donnie... you probably could squeak under the 4:00 hour mark. If you improve your PB at the Balloch to Clydebank HM that will improve the prediction, and you can play around with the average mileage value to find out what volume of training you would need to get the sub-4:00 goal.

    Nice parkrunning, Donnie. I chose to run locally this Saturday rather than doing parkrun as I was going out on the town in the evening and parkrun eats into my day quite a lot.

    Do you follow a training plan, Dubai? I notice you have several long-ish runs back-to-back. It's clearly working for you as the miles are stacking up nicely - are you doing consecutive hard runs? I'd be interested to know.

    That's sounds like a nice run Andrew. It certainly was very mild earlier in the day - but the wind was very challenging by the time I headed out at night.

    LSR for me - another late start again. 16 miles in the schedule, but ended up back home after 10.49 miles as I was desparate to "visit the restroom" as the yanks would say (and not for a rest! :wink:). Headed out again and completed the remaining distance for a total of 16.10 miles in difficult, gusty conditions.

    YTD: 128.39 miles.

  • Morning all,

    You're getting away from me Nell :-) Yesterday we had Team Pursuit race on hilly 7 mile course then I went out & did an 8 miler in the afternoon...hurty.

    123.3 miles YTD

    Great miles everyone is racking up, looks like it'll be a year of us all pushing each other to great things.

  • Nell - Regards the predictor: oh i believed it, that's why I didn't like it lol. Seriously though, thanks very much for the link since looking it's made me have a think about what I need to do to change my schedule to find the four minutes and 1 second I need.

    Harmander - as others have already said congrats on the Marathon. I'm not sure I have the mental strength to run a marathon in 8 laps, I can see me finding excuses to quit around lap 6.

    Another run before work for me this morning, lots of puddles and standing water to make my runners nice and wet but otherwise pretty pleasant outing.

    Can't wait for the sun to begin coming up at a sensible hour, I do miss the sun. Just wait until it's June and I'm complaining that its too warm out.

    29 Jan - 11.6m

    YTD: 123.35 Miles
  • Morning all,

    Great to see so many newbies this year, and they keep coming.

    Welcome to Bladheadrunner - 100K / 62.5 Miles, that is quite an undertaking, good luck with the training.
    Also welcome to Panoplyuk - Good luck with the fund raising and lets hope the shin splints stay away.
    Hobie, Well done on getting the first 100 miles out of the way.
    Steve Morrison2, Well done to you also, I would mimic what has already been said about a sub 4hr, a lot will depend on the day, how you are feeling, we all have good and bad days, the course i.e. if it is 90% uphill then probably not, however if it is nice and flat then maybe & not forgetting the good old English weather! I find the weather to be a major factor in my times.
    Harmander, Glad to here Harvir is well on the mend. I saw a few pictures from the Runner Bean Marathon yesterday, love the 3D bling, but boy did it look muddy! and well done on passing the 200 mile mark.
    Little Nell, Hope the energy levels soon return, it is horrid going out and feeling like you are half dead before you even get going. I think a special well done is deserved for managing to get back out yesterday after the "rest" period, don't you just hate it when that happens!

    As for me, I am back to normal training now, however the last week has seemed quite hard, I went for a 12.5 mile long run Tuesday which was very tiring and as for last nights 10K, I just couldn't seem to get going - strange.

    Stat's for last week.

    23.01.18 - 12.5
    25.01.18 - 6.25
    26.01.18 - 6.25
    28.01.18 - 6.25

    YTD = 87.48

  • No more miles for me. Been struck down with the lurgy since Wednesday of last week. 

    Great running from everyone. I can't wait until I can run again ?
  • Thank you David Charman, Yes my 127th marathon medal was hard work.
    Steve Morrison, I just get my head down and count down the miles - did track marathon comprising 105.5 laps - helped with the pacing per lap but in the middle of July with no shade it was hard.
    Our club marathon is 21 laps of 2014m/lap and a grueling hill of 600m on each lap. We also do our Dawn To Dusk (from 8:04 am till 15:54 pm) race there in late December - the record is 48 laps by Nathan Montague - look him up.
    It is the course I train on and trained Fauja Singh
  • Sorry for bombarding everyone with messages - but does anyone fancy taking up pacing opportunities in the summer in the South - both half and full marathons, trail and not entirely flat?
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    So been 3 very frustrating days now without a run, a tight calf leading to a twinge in my achilles has had me sidelined with my first race of the year on Sunday. 

    So trying to give thibgs a rest and hopefully can get myself out there tomorrow

    Harmander!! 127th marathon is quite something!! Wow

    So still stuck on 40 YTD
  • Hi-dee-hi campers!

    That team pursuit sounds interesting, Hobie - how does that work then? ... and how did you/your team get on? :smile: I'm sure you'll pull the deficit back - especially if I keep missing planned club track sessions like I have tonight!

    Steven - are you following a plan of any kind? The regulars on here will know I worship at the altar of the great god "The Plan"... it's definitely what got me round my first marathon. I can't take the pressure of deciding for myself what run I should be doing at any given time... and it's unlikely I'd choose to do a 22 mile training run of my own accord :lol:

    Thanks David! Yes... the actually running part of going back out wasn't too bad - it was the already soggy gear and ensuing chill that was the worst :neutral: Nice regular 10K-ing by you especially when you seem to be feeling that drained feeling too.

    Hope you get better soon, Andrea! Don't rush back and make yourself any worse though... take care :smile:

    I've just had a thought.... what do you do with all your medals, Harmander - you must be positively awash with them by now? :lol:

    Oh no, Lilly - so sorry to hear you're injured... and just in time for your first planned race of 2018 too!  :'(
    You take care too - and rest well.

    Did manage to get out at lunchtime (despite getting home and having a dodgy stomach so missing track night - AGAIN!). Was actually a really good session... just over a mile to run to a nearby steep hill, then did 6 x 300 m hill reps including running back down the hill - to practise downhill runnng for Boston Mara, then running back to work. All those shenannigans totalled 5.39 miles.

    YTD: 133.78 miles.

  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018

    Sorry to hear some our number are injured/feeling unwell I hope the ailments pass quickly and you are back running at your best soon.

    Harmander – I had a look at that chap, just reading about his running made me tired. 105.5 laps on a track eeek, and 21 laps to reach 26.2 miles … suddenly 8 laps doesn’t sound so much. Reminds me of that old joke about buying a 16” pizza but asking the guy to cut it into 8 slices, I never manage to eat 12 slices. All joking aside, running over a hundred laps on the track did you find one leg took a greater pounding than the other.

    Nell – Yeah I do run to a plan, I probably spend as much time on my Excel Spreadsheet as I do running lol. I have run to plans in magazines/books in the past but these days I follow a plan of my own devising, looking at what worked over the years and adapting it accordingly – of course this being my first Marathon, there’s a bit of educated guesswork involved this time.

    Out this morning before work again, Hail, Sleet, blustery wind and a Yellow weather warning – PAH! – don’t the Met office know I’m training for a marathon? I must run! Still no sunrise to report – but pretty happy with my effort.

    31 Jan – 11.6 miles

    YTD: 134.95 miles.

  • Afternoon all, sorry to hear some are injured or ill, hopefully you'll all be back to running soon.
    congrats Harmander on the marathon, just 120 more than me!

    29.1 6.84 miles
    30.1 3.63 miles
    31.1 7.05 miles

    YTD 192.74 miles

  • Nell, I don't follow a training plan, never have in my 30 years of running. Firstly they don't fit my schedule, I work 2 mornings, 2 afternoon, 2 nights followed by 4 days off. Therefore running clubs, plans, weekend races don't always fit. I generally run what I feel like running and how hard I feel like running that day. I'm happy just to run for an hour or so with no music and unwind.

    Steven your weather sounds horrible, well done on getting out!

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