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  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Hey everyone, hope people feel on the mend and others are still piling up the miles!!

    I just ran a very tentative 2.5 miles, still feeling calf a little bit so got on the roller when I got home as well.. hopefully can get a few more miles tomorrow and a long run in on Friday before Sundays race.

    That felt good though getting back out after a 4 day lay off.

    42.5 YTD
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    To everyone: Keep going, it's cold and a bit miserable, although I often cheat by running on the gym treadmill, keep motivated and remember to enjoy it.  

    Harmander: Congrats on yet another marathon, you must have just about the biggest trophy cabinet in the world.

    Nell: I think you train smart, I'm sure I don't, an aim for this year is to think about what I'm doing rather than just getting sweaty.

    Steven: My monies on sub 4 (just).

    YTD: 96.9 - ahead of this time last year which was my only previous attempt at logging my miles at the end of month 1.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    5 tonight, so finished the month on 82 which is more on less on track (and more than my 65 from last January).

    Was one of those runs that started well, then felt horrendous for a mile or so in the middle but then got into a nice rhythm in the last 2 miles. Odd.
  • Passed the 200 mark

    8.08 miles

    YTD 200.82 miles
  • Well done in getting over the 200 mile mark Dubai Runner.
    Little Nell and Donnie2 - I went past the 1000 official 'races' in October 2017 so do have momentos from all but 'Er Indoors wont let me display the medals (says they will gather dust etc) although Plaques and cups etc are allowed in discrete corners of the house - she seems to have no problem with our younger son's footballing trophies however - our three married kids look after their own awards. 'Er Indoors wears her 50 and 100 Parkrun T-shirts (and any of my event ones too) all the time lol.
    Good to see everyone making progress on the mileage and recovery front - sorry if I haven't named you all individually.
    My training and races are a bit like my efforts at doing online Tax Returns, takes several hours to log on using the ultra secure Gateway and the actual form filling takes a fraction of the time - over 40 hours of total running and less than ten in races that include Parkruns.
    Did 13.71 miles on Tuesday night making
    YTD = 230.09 miles

    Any takers for some fast (3 - 4 hour marathons) pacing slots on some tough half and full marathons in the South East? - rough guide is you need to be able to run (at least) about a minute a mile faster than race pace for a half and at least half a minute a mile faster for the full
  • Thanks Harmander, move to Dubai and you don’t need to worry about tax returns!! 
  • Just checking back in on everyone's updates. The miles some of you are posting is mind boggling! Very well done to all of you over the 100 mark, and those on you on 200+? You're beasts!! Well done indeed.

    I finished the month exactly where I planned to. Like some others, I am easing myself back into the swing of things to avoid injury/get base fitness back. Statistically I'm behind, but I'm on track as per my plan (I have to run to a plan, gives me the motivation I need as well as the structure that I crave!).

    For those of us below the 83 mark, don't worry! Just keep doing what you can, we have time to increase our strength and conditioning over the remaining 11 months and claw back some miles.

    Awesome work, everyone.

    YTD: 65.7
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    End of the 1st Month and I'm well behind the curve, courtesy of 2 weeks being a wuss wiv a cold, but think I'm back on track now, hopefully onwards and upwards with marathon training - Halstead again in May.

    YTD      54.66  (just a bit embarrassing; this time last year, 130+, need to get a grip,  :) )
  • You’ll get there Senid.

    February off and running with 5 miles this afternoon.

    87 YTD
  • AndrewD
    You are bang on target
    miles at race pace yesterday making 
    YTD = 243.81 miles
  • Favourite time of the week. Home from a wet and muddy parkrun. I'm be fairly certain the only PBs today were the first timers. Think I had my highest finish today, a field much reduced my morning rain helped!

    YTD: 104
  • 10.19 miles including Parkrun pacing (for the 98th time) makes
    YTD = 254.00 miles
  • Evening all
    Not too many miles the last few days

    2.2 4.57
    3.2 4.16
    4.2 3.6

    YTD 213.15 miles
  • Sorry to hear that Dubai Runner,
    16.94 miles
    YTD = 270.94 miles

  • Evening chaps, so after a crap week not getting our due to calf, I ran first race 10k in 59 mins. Was hoping for around 50 but didnt push.

    So overall happy, 

    6.6 today and 49.1 YTD

    Now hopefully can start getting going again
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018
    Howdy running pardners!

    Steven - another worshipper at the altar of the Excel spreadsheet... we are kindred spirits :lol: Well done on getting out in yet more atrocious weather. It's good for the soul!

    Well, your running to fit in round life is serving you very well, Dubai - very well done on breaking the 200 barrier already :smiley:

    Lilly, well done on doing your tester 2.5 miles - and huge congratulations on your 10K today... a great time coming off injury - and second thread race logged (unless I've missed someone)! 

    Woohoo - congrats Donnie on making it across the 100-mile threshold... very nice running by you! Thanks for the training smart comment - I'm not sure how true it is... I'm struggling a bit this year - and you have me trumped on tactical use of the threadmill! :wink:

    Nicely ahead of the curve there, Andrew - good going. If memory serves, this is your most consistent start to the year?

    Great milage stacking up for you, Harmander - well done! What time do you pace for at parkrun? I've only ever done three parkruns but when I've done five I'll do a volunteer stint - will be interested to see what they give me... I like marshalling and interacting with the runners - well, those that aren't pelting round with titles in their sights anyway :lol:

    Nice to see you again, panoplyuk! You're not so far behind the curve... easily "catchupable" :grin:

    I have faith in you senidM - I'm certain you'll catch up once you're into your mara training. It's definitely better to fight off the cold rather than try to press on regardless... not a wuss at all! :smile:

    So - as indicated above, I've continued to struggle this week. There's something not quite right and I can't put my finger on it! I missed both club sessions this week and my only mid-week run was the hill reps on Tuesday lunchtime as they were quite quickly followed by a bad upset stomach that lasted until Friday... with continued fatigue :angry: Slept until 3 pm on Saturday and felt a bit better so decided to do my scheduled 4 miles and see how it felt - actually worked out fine and ended up doing 4.24 miles at a comfortable easy pace.

    That gave me confidence to have a crack at today's scheduled 18 miles... which went really well - very enjoyable! Ran to the forest, did a couple of miles in the forest, then ran back home again - totalling 18.10 miles. The weirdest thing has happened though... I've injured my forearms (wtf :confused: !?)... I have NO idea how - I didn't carry anything... my water and gels were in my pockets, and I regularly dropped my arms and shook out my hands to stay relaxed. By the time I got home my right arm was a bit sore but my left arm is absolute AGONY!!! Most odd...! My right arm felt the same after the marathon last year but I had carried my water all the way round and, although I regularly swapped hands, I assumed it was this that had hurt my right forearm (my left arm was fine after the marathon). 'tis a mystery...

    YTD: 156.12 miles.

  • Harmander - low miles from night shifts, I averaged 3 hours sleep a day for 3 days!

    Lilly well done on the 10k, great getting it done when carrying an injury

    Nell - sounds bizarre, never heard of anything like it, still racking up good mileage 

    7.65 miles this morning

    YTD 220.8
  • Morning all,

    Great to see so many great mileage efforts being racked up.

    Nell, arm pain sounds weird, maybe tension somewhere else causing pain in the forearm? Great miles anyway, you're still in front of me.

    I took a few days off at the end of last week, feeling like I needed a rest, just focused on some Yoga & core work.

    Sun shone yesterday so coast path beckoned...but boy was it muddy. 13 miles done though & loved it, first dolphin spotted along with many cows & horses.

     149 miles YTD

  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018
    Nell - I've never heard of that type of injury before, but that's of no use to you at all. Hopefully it's one of those here today gone tomorrow pains, great work from you considering how you've been feeling.

    Lilly - As others have said congratulations on your first race of the year, sounds like it went pretty much to plan on the day - and that's all of any of us can ever do, run as well as we can on the day. You'll be flying at your best in no time.

    My running has been to plan and without any incident, work is mad at the moment and my daughter has decided she needs to wake up an hour before it's humane to others, but what can you do? On Saturday I kept up with my brother-in-law on my long run (the only one I do with company) and this mornings effort was nice and relaxed and on pace, so I'm pretty happy with where I'm at just now.

    2 Feb - 4m
    3 Feb - 16.1m
    5 Feb - 11.6m

    YTD: 166.65 Miles

    PS The end of my run was in a lovely pale blue twilight, hopefully I'll see Mr Sunrise soon.
  • Morning all,

    Some great running and mileage still being logged, well done everyone.

    Andrea Dawson2, Hope you soon feel better and can make a return.

    Dubai Runner, Well done on breaking the 200 mile barrier, great effort.

    Lilly61, Hope the calf is feeling okay after yesterday's great run, well done on the 10K, still a very respectable time, especially after injury!

    Hobie, Yesterday's coast path run sounds lovely, and you get to see a dolphin, I did nearly trip over a cat when I was out last night and think I saw a fox.

    Harmander, Great running as always, are you ever at home? I am sure you will be over the 300 mile mark by the middle/end of this week.

    Little Nell, Sorry to hear you are still not quite right, as you put it, but still managing to put in the mileage in, well done. In response to your arm, it just could be jarring from a couple of hours of running, I sometimes have an ache in my shoulder following a marathon, I imagine from a similar sort of thing? of course I could be talking a load of rubbish, either way hope it soon feels better.

    Stat's for last week;

    30.01.18 - 17.5 (long, slow run about 2 hours 40 mins)
    01.02.18 - 6.25 (Fast finish - 8k at around 5.15 pace with 2k at 4.55 pace)
    02.02.18 - 6.25 (Intervals - 2k warm up, 15 x 200m at 4.45 with 300m rest periods and a 1k cool down)
    04.02.18 - late evening 6.25, after "call the midwife" jaunt around Burgess Hill, last nights time 47.35

    YTD = 123.73

    So my first competition run is Sunday, when I am doing the Worthing HM, I am hoping for around 1.45 - 1.50, we shall see.

  • 7 miles yesterday, so I'm up to 94 YTD.

    Am going to have to juggle my runs a bit this week due to a late work meeting on Wednesday.

    Nell - yes, more consistent that last year that's for sure! I actually ran 100 in January 2016 though (and 111.5 in February that year too, before the injury problems kicked in). Hope the arm feels better today?

  • David Charman
    Yes am scheduled to be over 500 miles before the missus comes back from holiday on 8 March in fact. Am busy looking for marathons I can get to without having to scrounge lifts as public transport on a Sunday is worse than in outer Mongolia during a snowstorm because of 'improvements and upgrading' we are told.
    Little Nell,
    You asked about my pacing at Parkruns:
    I pace every time I turn up as I really enjoy helping others break their PB's at the slower end of runners. I start off at 35 minutes (5 hour marathon pace) and slowly get that down to about 28 minutes helping a whole tranche of runners through the minute milestones - I then go back to 35 minutes and start again. I paced for a 30 minute finish on Saturday and did it in 29:47. I shout out the time at each Km mark so people know how they are doing.
    I got Olympic Challenge Marathon on Saturday so will be missing out on the Parkrun - I have also carried out other volunteering roles 20 times.
  • My cough still isn't 100 percent better but the other symptoms have gone. I managed to two miles on Saturday and Sunday. Way down on what I'd hoped but plenty of time to make it up.

    YTD 78.8
  • Evening guys

    Nell - a really strange thing, hope your arms are better now!

    Dubai Runner, Harminder - amazing miles you guys accumulate and quite inspiring

    Andrew - 1 run away from 100 miles now!

    Andrea - Just push through it!

    David Chaman - a lot of structure to your training, good luck for upcoming HM

    So I was determined to get out for a few miles today but calf felt better than I had imagined and managed a good run of 5.8 miles this afternoon.

    Really happy with that and now well on schedule for Brighton Half in 4 weeks time.

    YTD 54.9 
  • Just a 3.87 mile run this morning before kids sports day, years 7 and 8. Both boys won their 400m races, considering they were up against Ethiopians and Kenyans I’m super delighted that 2 Irish expat kids took the golds!!!

    YTD 224.67 miles 
  • And my eldest won the long jump, his brother came second!
  • ahmedkassem925 ✭

    Don't need your fake anyrthing - bet you cheated at school too and can't run either - will make it easier for the law to catch up with you soon too.

    Thanks but I am Harmander (not Harminder).

    Dubai Runner, chips off the old block eh?  good on the little 'uns

    Think I will get my Tuesday run in earlier today instead of the evening.
  • 5 miles tonight, so up to a frustrating 99 YTD. Can’t run tomorrow either, so it will be Thursday before I get into 3 figures.
  • Hey all

    Sorry Harmander, I hate it when people spell my name wrong! So noted

    Just a 3.71 today 

    YTD 58.6
  • Evening everyone, good to see everyone progressing well! I've just come off seven long days of fairly lengthy day shifts hence a bit of an online absence but I was able to fit in some running here and there. Rest day yesterday and today after an utterly intense but brilliant Sunday where I finally conquered the Portsmouth Coastal Half which has always been a troubling race for me with one thing or another going wrong but this year I braved the cold and the mud and got round in 2.02 which is a course pb by some margin for me so despite having to work in the afternoon until 1am but I was on such a high after the race it went very quickly! I've just sneaked into three figures thanks to the warm down run after Sunday's race but I'm so much more positive about my running than this time last week.

    I had a look at the predictor you linked to Nell, it's pretty accurate! I submitted my 1.51 half pb from early September 2015 and it predicted a marathon pace of 4.19 and six weeks after that half I got my marathon pb in Amsterdam with a time of 4.18!

    2018  100.9 miles
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