Running on wet concrete paving with occasional patches of ice

mrcharlymrcharly ✭✭✭
That describes the conditions around here a lot of the time. My current shoes, Karrimor, are terrible on wet concrete slabs. On ice they have no grip. My time is really limited so if it is cold for a week I just don't get any running done that week.
I've researched. Shoes with studs seem over the top and sound like they'd skate and slip on wet concrete.
Saucony shoes with Arctic Grip sound like a better solution but none of the shops have them in.
What else is there?

I did ask in shops but they were not very helpful (suggesting getting in a car and driving to a place where I could run offroad - seriously - I run because it is convenient).


    Spikes or those winter grip things that you put on over your shoes are all that will cope with ice but then are uncomfortable when you are not on ice/snow.   You won't find running shoes that are safe on ice on concrete.

    Good advice from the running shop to find a safer route, off road is a good option as trails are safer in icy conditions   If you're in the UK the ice won't last but it interferes with all of us training at this time of year.   
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I think the simple answer is - don't! 

    One slip and you risk tearing all sorts of muscles
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