blister on top of big toes

Went to SweatShop a few days ago, wanted a new pair of shoes for my fitness walking, tried a few pairs and went for a pair of Adidas Supernova's. But only after a couple of 4 mile walks i'm getting a blister on the top of my big toes.
I've been wearing Newfeel fitness shoes from Decathlon before but they only lasted a couple of months, so went to sweatshop hoping to get a pair that will last a lot longer.

I have phoned sweat shop and they said to bring the shoe back and they will see what they can do, so will do that, but just wondered if this is a common problem and is it likely the shoe is too small and i should go a half size bigger, or perhaps the shoe just isn't wide enough and there is another brand out there with a wider fitting i should consider.

I paid £55 for the shoe which is a lot of money to me, and it's a pain as to try them in the shop is one thing, but it's really only after 30-40mins i found you get a true feel if the shoe fits right.

Any advice on what's best to resolve this for me, perhaps they just need breaking in and toes taped? Just i never had this problem before and got the same 10.5 size i had previously with the new feels.



    Shoes are too small, should be a thumb's width between the shoe and your big toe.   Different brands size differently, adidas are renowned for coming up a bit small and usually fairly narrow too.

  • Thanks, yeah i've noticed a mark on the outside of my small toe too, as if that's about to rub sore. Just placed the shoe next to a pair of sketchers i occassionally wear for walking and have no problem with, and the Adidas is certainly narrower.
    Hopefully Sweatshop will exchange them for a wider fitting shoe, popping in this morning.
    Hope you find a shoe that is a better fit for you, maybe take your Sketchers with you so you can compare the fit.
  • Well went there and after trying on 8 different pairs i've ended up with Adidas again, but the Energy Boost 2. same sole as the previous pair but with greater flexibility in its near sock construction.
    I did wear my sketchers there, and had the socks on that i wear when walking, and took the sock off to show the manager where it was rubbing on my foot.
    There isn't a great range there to be honest, and not wanting to pay more than £60 greatly reduced the range available.
    But the Adidas Energy Boost 2 came in at £65, so only an extra tenner and hopefully they won't rub like the others.
    Trying them out tomorrow.
    Good, after trying on 8 pairs you should have now got the right shoe for you and hopefully no more blisters!
  • Nope, after 30 mins on the road it was like they were squeezing my feet, obviously adidas are a too narrow fit for me, so went back and they had nothing suitable for my size and fit under £100, so i ended up with a refund.

    So now i have to search again for a pair of shoes under £60 with a wider fit, but looks like it will have to be a purchase from the internet!

    Who knew shoe shopping would be so stressful!
    I can't wear adidas either, too narrow for me.    Saucony and Brooks are usually fairly generous in the width of the forefoot and the newer Hokas.   Hoka Clifton 3 or 4 are selling for half price on the internet and you'd get a lot of miles out of them.
  • I've heard good things on the Brooks Ghosts, and also the Saucony name i've heard mentioned. Hoka i've never really researched, but will have a browse this evening.
    I'm going to Swindon Outlet Village tomorrow, where they have a few outlets, including New Balance so will spend a couple of hours trying on shoes... well i say a couple of hours, might start with the 1080's that i've heard are good for a heavy runner with wide feet, we shall see.. will take my time.
    Trying them on is the best way, aim for the feeling of roomy comfortable slippers.  Good luck, hope you find the right shoe for you.  

    Hoka One One are very well cushioned shoes, very popular with ultra runners.  I've got 4 pairs and I think I'll get twice the mileage from them compared to my other shoes, the cushioning seems to last so well
  • Weren't the selection i was hoping for to be honest.
    Went in to the Nike, Skechers, and New Balance outlets, and it was New Balance where i found what i hope will be my ideal pair.
    A pair of Fresh Foam Zante, priced down from £95 to £28, which was too good to turn down.
    Found the size 11 gave me the same thumb width from my toe to the end of the shoe as the 10.5, but they were more comfortable on the width, snug, but not restricting.
    Will be trying them out tomorrow, and if a week on they still feel good, will most probably pop back down and grab another pair at that price.
    I've heard good reports about those NB shoes, but haven't tried them myself.   That is a great bargain price too, I hope they turn out to be your perfect shoe.
  • mrcharlymrcharly ✭✭✭
    I have very wide feet - currently running some Karrimor shoes, nothing special, but they are ok for me.

    IME of walking shoes, blisters on top of the toe form because the shoe is creasing over your toe. This can be because it is the wrong length, the construction type or sometimes the sewn seam is being rubbed against your toe. Maybe try different socks.
  • Hi Mrcharly, you are quite correct, on the Adidas Supernova's there was a seam at the top which my toe was rubbing against, thus for me the toe box was too shallow.

    I went out yesterday in the New Balance Zante, and 1 felt really planted to the floor and it had great grip even on the damp tarmac. Only problem when i got back after 5 miles was the inside of my 2 toes (next to big toe), on my left foot only had been rubbing together causing sores.
    Going to adjust the laces today and put a slice cotton wool pad between the toes to see if that helps.
  • mrcharlymrcharly ✭✭✭
    On any areas getting rubbed sore like this, don't apply moisturiser or anything that keeps the skin moist. You want to dry and harden the skin. Use something alcohol-based. Witchhazel tincture (a lot of chemists have it) is best of all - I learned this when I was young, working as a builder's labourer and the older navvies advised me to apply it to blistered sore hands.
  • it was just these 2 toes, but panic over, rookie mistake, I hadn't checked the laces!

    Looked at them this morning and shoe where my toes were rubbing was very short laced compared to the other shoe, adjusted them, went out, and had no problems at all :)
    Portlanders - that's good news, hope you have many pain free miles in your new shoes
  • portlandersportlanders ✭✭✭
    Hey just thought i would leave an update, well i've advanced now run every other day, walking the days inbetween. I've been building up my runs by duration and currently at 60 mins which takes me over 7 miles averaging around the 8'14" according to my gear fit2.... which has just started to play up, hopefully a reset will work and fix it. Anyhow the Zante's were great, but last month they wore out and the outlet doesn't have my size 11's in stock anymore, although they are keeping an eye out for me in case they come back in. Putting my trust in New Balance i purchased the zante v3's and they are just as good, if not slightly better..... very happy with my footwear now, and the running is amazing.... just entered my first 10k for end of May, although i'm already at that distance i want to work on extending it rather than speed so i can target a half marathon, running an extra 10 mins per week is the target but will see how things go.
    Good to hear you've made such good progress and have entered your first 10k.   I don't think there'll be any stopping you now :)
  • portlandersportlanders ✭✭✭
    Thanks Shades, amazing the difference an ill / good fitting shoe can make - these new balance certainly have given me more confidence in my runs. Just need to research how i should approach the last week before the race, carry as i am or rest more.
    Ease up a little for a few days before the race, eat and sleep well and keep well hydrated and you'll be fine.   Don't wear new kit on the day, check the weather forecast and remember in a race you will run faster than in training and can easily overheat if you're overdressed.  Enjoy it, as it's your first 10k you're on for a PB :)
  • portlandersportlanders ✭✭✭
    That's brilliant advice, thank you Shades, will take that on-board.
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