New here and to running

i only just started running at end of last year by chance really. I had been going to a brain injury group and it became clear I was one of the most able people there. The others who can and do run are all men. The woman who runs group has got a few of us in a Fitbit group. Fitbits count steps you do in a day. One of men in the group is keen to run and does do a lot tho is slow which makes sense as it’s easier to keep going. So this man is wanting to run a marathon so the woman encouraged us all to enter a 5k run last month which I did. Just before doing this run the man who set the group up offered me personal training, which I accepted. Without it there is no way I would push myself to run further. 

From the start the man man has made it clear he is responsible for me when doing personal training and he has been on cautious side. Not making sessions too easy but wary of having me doing too much. I have suprised him with how much I can manage and how quick I recover from runs. We had 2 sessions before the 5k so not really time to train so I went into it just aiming to complete it in best time I could. I managed it in 50 minutes which was a mix of slow jog and fast walk all way. I aim to do a km in 10 mins or less so I was pleased with that time. My PT did the last km with me he’d completed the 5k and came back to finish with me. He admitted he wouldn’t have thought I was ready for 5k if I hadn’t already agreed to doing it before starting PT. After that he seemed to relax more and push me to doing more. 

Before Christmas I ran 2 km without stopping and I’d ran 1.3 km before that. I only ran 1km for first time about 2 week before that. Not had any PT for 3 week now due to Christmas and New Year, tomorrow will be my first session and will be training towards a 10k. I’m hoping to manage to jog all 10k in April. Any tips on preparing for it. I’m thinking obviously run for longer distances and go slower. Also thinking of asking my PT to do few sessions on the route of 10k as he is the one who organises this every year and runs it so he will know which bits are hardest. Also had another thought which I’m not sure would be good idea or not and not sure if my PT would agree. Running as long as I can and see how far I manage or is it best to just aim for set distance and increase that?


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    Hi kmo86
    Glad to hear that you can get involved in running. It is good to have goals; 5k or 10k...but don't let them become a burden. Enjoy your running! Get comfortable with 2k, 3k....and build up slowly. Feel that you are in control of the session. For that reason I wouldn't recommend 'running as long as I can'; ( reminds me of when I was very young, and decided to ride my bike, for as long as possible, with my eyes closed. Yes, really! It could only have one outcome...and it did.) On the other hand, to not venture a little further when you feel good, would be over-cautious. I'm sure your PT will be able to help you with when to extend your run, but it is really about how you feel. And if you can become familiar with the 10k route, that could be very helpful.  Let us know how you get on.
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