Hill sessions in marathon training

I'm in marathon training at the moment and was due to run a 30 minute hill session last Saturday. I decided to change the length and steepness to a challenging incline instead because I didn't want a reoccurrence of my calf problems by running fast up a steep hill.  Will I lose the training benefit of running hills in marathon training if the arent steep hills?.  I do run long runs on hilly routes but this is at a nice easy pace.  


  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Hi MrSoft.
    I'm sure the experts will give you the real answer, but fwiw, I reckon hills are great value for money. I try to do a set of hills alternate weeks. i.m.o. hills can be too steep, and fail to deliver the benefits of less severe slopes. I'll often fit in a set of hills if I can't get to the track, or if I'm a bit short of time, or if the wind is unhelpful for a 'normal' run. They are good for form(but not if you are struggling to maintain rhythm...e.g. when the slope is too steep) and they work the muscles that are often neglected...you may feel it a day or two later!  Make sure you are warmed up with a mile or so, and perhaps a few stretches, before you hit the hills, and conclude with some easier minutes. Happy training!
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