Best way to keep motivated to run?

I started doing bits of running towards end of last year and had personal training with a man I know. This was going to continue this year, but today he told me after this month he’s going to stop. He was doing it free and been struggling to make time so not really that suprised he’s decided to stop but disappointed. I have sessions every Thursday this month annoyingly the last day this month is a Wednesday. I intend to talk to him on Thursday to see if he can do any extra sessions or anything anytime. 

I’m also going to mention me doing some runs to raise money for the charity he runs which is how I met him. Running on my own all time will soon get boring so is there any ways I can keep motivated to keep at it?


    Join a running club
  • kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
    Actually didn’t know there were running clubs. Mite look into it. Got a personal training tomorrow morning earlier start so will have time to talk to personal trainer. Going have talk to him to see if there is anything we can agree on to continue. 

    Thought of maybe planning a 5k run next month to raise money for his charity. If anything is going to persuade him to still do odd runs with me that will be it if it doesn’t work at least I tried.
    You'll find there are a lot of running clubs and they vary a lot so you should be able to find one to suit you.
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    Well on way to one of last PT sessions. Honestly for first time I’m not as keen as usual likely cos I know it won’t last much longer. I know running is a lot about how keen you are so expecting to struggle today but will still do my best and complete it. If nothing else I will try to keep practicing minute run minute walk on my own as if I’m not in mood to run it’s easier to do short runs.
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    Well I was never going to not make effort even if I wasn’t overly bothered. My PT suggested seeing how far I could run. I actually found it did get easier the more I ran. Aim was to get over 2k to make it my longest run. My PT said he guessed I’d do around 3k so passed that got passed 4K and was struggling a bit so decided on 5k. Managed it in 47 minutes.
    kmo86 - that's great progress.   You need to find a group now to run with to keep you motivated.
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    Yea am going to have a look and also have a word with a woman I know who’s sister is a personal trainer.
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    Well the woman who’s sister is a PT said her sister is moving to France so won’t be having PT with her. Been practicing running and going to have a word with man who’s been doing my PT on Thursday see if he can sort something out for me to continue it with him or someone else. 
    Why don't you find a running group or club to run with, there are plenty around and you should find a group that suits you.
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    You don't need a personal trainer. Join a local running club - lots have beginner groups. Or go to a park run on a Saturday morning - social 5k. Or download the coach to 5k app. Or ask a friend to run with you.
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    Right new idea. Got second to last PT tomorrow morning depending on weather. I have come up with a good idea which would be best for everyone. After lots of thought and ideas rather than planning a long conversation that would mean me forgetting to say bits. I’ve decided I’m going to shorten it straight to what I’m wanting to get to which is continue with PT. He runs a brain injury charity which I attend and it’s clear how much the charity means to him. So as I have benefited from it I’m thinking I could offer to set up activities mainly runs to raise money for the charity if he would carry on with PT. Might offer to do that and ask if he would carry on with PT so it doesn’t sound like I’m trying to force him. He said he was only stopping PT cos he didn’t have time for everyone who wanted it this way he won’t feel like he’s favouring one person. Win win.
  • Listen to podcasts. It puts you in a weird trance and you zone out. Great for when you are doing longer runs or get tired of doing laps around the same park.

    10K: 00:46:18
    Half Marathon: 01:33:42
    Full Marathon: 03:37:21

    I adore metal music. And running. Preferably at the same time.
  • kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
    Well PT was sticking to no more PT after next week. On plus side he has agreed that he will still do some runs with me when he has time next one after next week being end of next month. So not too bad also need to check with him about this but that could mean going on runs with him when he does training for marathons once I get to running further. For now I’m going to get a PT who someone I know knows and use them (as I paying them) to keep motivated and set me plans to stick to so I can see how I progress.

    Bit annoyed at my PT as yesterday he decided to say he didn’t know if I would be able to do a 10k in April as there is time limit of 90 min on it. No idea why and 90 min would be the time I was aiming for. Determined I will do it. Got over 2 month to train.

    On a plus note something I didn’t know about was mentioned. In September there is a marathon that they are going to enter I think 4 people into to run for the charity so like all run part of the marathon and pass a something to next person to run with. I would like to eventually get to running marathons no where near ready yet but this will be a good start. Also there is only a few who go to this group who would be able to take part in this part marathon so will be nice to be one of them.
  • I am a complete newbie and to motivate myself I have entered the Birmingham half marathon in October. I need something to aim for and as I have said I will run for a charity that is very close to mine and my families hearts I cant face the shame of not doing it. Therefore I have a great motivation tool.
  • I honestly don't think it's a question of motivation. It's just a question of habit and self image. 

    See yourself as someone who runs and simply make it a habit. Habit is a lot more powerful than willpower or 'motivation'. 
  • I have managed to keep with it so far and feel like im starting to get into the habit. I have to say the feeling of achievement you get when you finish a run is brilliant. My big thing is I need to remember to take it slow as I tend to try and rush things and I dont want to hurt myself.
  • I find Strava helps to keep me motivated. Its an app for your phone. Been using it for quite a while and keeps track of all your runs, how quick you are going, average mile and how many miles you have done. Also some good stats on how many miles you have done each year you have it. I don't run with anybody but always use Strava, makes me want to go out and run as much as possible just to run as many miles as I can in a month or year etc.
  • Joining a running club is a great way to keep motivated. I don't know where everyone hear lives but in Brighton we have Brighton Phoenix, Arena 80, Lewes AC, Hove Hornets, Brighton Tri Club (who do a bit of running sometimes). Telling other people you're going for a run is a great way to make sure you turn up and it's also a lot more fun.
  • running clubs might help you here
  • I'd love to join a running club but don't think I can run without listening to music/podcasts!
  • Hey, anyone from St.Petersburg?
  • I know already posted but Strava for me was a game changer and something that I actually avoided as I did not want to get all techy with my training. Not only is it great for logging all the miles etc I also use the heat map to find the best routes in any given area which if you are in a non familiar region can be a real time saver. I started out using it for Cycling and it was a no brainer when I started to run.
  • Hey, I find that making a Spotify playlist is definitely an essential key to motivation when im running alone, you can now also purchase apps with a personal trainer voice for motivation too! I would also plan your runs for the week in advance and mix them up, such as long distance cross country monday, uphill sprints tuesday etc, to keep things interesting, (also planning rest days of course). It is also important to set your own goals with a deadline, such as 5km in xx minutes by the end of the month. For company, join running clubs and local charity races. :smile:
  • What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I advise reading this book to keep motivation for running
  • i find a smart watch the best. Get a garmin, shows all your stats and great way to watch yourself improve. Sorry for pun :P
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