How many rest days should people have?

I’ve been having personal training from November. Not really had a plan just ran when I felt like it. Had been managing everything quite easily not too easy but was only getting tired and ready to stop near end of sessions sometimes could have done more after a short break. Last week I had been finding longer running easier. My PT told me to see how far I could run. I managed 5k and only really started struggling towards the end. Today we did 6k and it was the hardest run ever. Not so much the actual route tho there were a few slight hills. I just struggled to keep going. Even the first 1k was harder than usual. My PT could tell I was struggling but I think he knew better than to stop me. I have constantly told him and proved I can do more than he thinks. So he just encouraged me and kept checking I was ok. It was my longest run yet so pleased I did it but I am disappointed I struggled so much. Last week the 5k was far easier than even the first 3k today. So yea last week I could probably have done at least another 1 or even 2k I think even if I had done 10 it wouldn’t have been as hard as today. 

I am thinking I’ve pushed myself a bit much this week doing at least 1k every day with some days 2 or 3k. I’m thinking tomorrow rest day and next Wednesday and maybe one in middle. 

After proving my PT wrong about how much I can manage he had finally started realising he had underestimated me. He was all for me signing up to do 10k in April which I will still be doing. Saying I could start earlier and walk bits now he is saying he doesn’t know if I’ll manage it and I don’t want to be walking. I think he has said this knowing well that I will push myself more just to prove him wrong again.

well got my last session with him next week I’m determined I will not struggle as much and I will push myself more to prove I will get to 10k by April. He’s said he will do an extra session at end of next month aiming for 8k well I would love to do 8k next week or over 8k by end of next month.


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    Listen to your body and have a day off if you are struggling.  Based on your distances you seem new to running, it takes time for your body to get used to the pounding.

    For reference, I tend to have 1 complete day off per week with 1 other day being an easy day but then I have been exercising regularly for 2 years now and can cope with doing 2 sessions a day.
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    Yea I am new to running. Thing is sometimes I can struggle running and carry on and it does get easier without having to stop. Then other times it doesn’t get easier like today. I think I will have rest day before any long run the following day. Probably shouldn’t have pushed myself so much today but I was never going to stop and miss a session especially as I only have one more left next week before starting with new PT.
  • Listen to your body and increase the mileage slowly week by week. E.g. make sure your longest weekly run is 5k and get used to that for several weeks a month before increasing the distance by an additional mile.

    I made the mistake of pushing myself too hard when I first started running - going from 2-3miles runs up to 8-10 within a few months out of pure enthusiasm. I ended up with patellofemoral/runners knee for a few months :(

    And make sure you have proper running trainers. Go and get gait analysisat a running shop if you can. Best decision I ever made.

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  • For me, when I first started....if I didn't take at least 1 day off before my next run, I would struggle. I started running only 3 times a week and felt I improved much faster, focusing on running the distance without stopping, rather than forcing myself to run everyday! Everyone's different I suppose, your body will tell you ;)
  • I'm with ya bkspace. When I took up running the first time around (10 years ago) I ran twice a week n that was enough. I didn't step it up to 3 or 4 times a week for at least a year, possibly nearer 2. Gotta give your body time to adapt.
  • you have to listen to your own body
  • kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
    Think I’m going to test myself for next few week. Got a 10k in April and at min I haven’t run that far before 7k being my furthest and got a target time of 90 min. I need to get used to running longer distances as I can do 1k in under 9min so on target if I can run 10k at that speed.
  • Listen to your own body, I'm new to running and plan to run 3 days a week with resting on the other days maybe with some HIIT workouts for strength/cardio
  • I completed my last marathon with only running on my two days off from work (Wednesdays and Sundays) as I just couldn’t fit them in around having two small kids and work commitments. Although I did start walking to work every day which was a 3 mile work. I actually found that the rest in between runs really helped me and I didn’t really have any bad runs,
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