Ultra distance shoes for mixed terrain

I've got my first Ultra at the end of March and the route is mixed terrain, road, rocky trail, softish trail and occasional sandy surface. Any recommendations for a mixed trail shoe? Was going to go for the Saucony Koa TR (my feet fit Saucony), but would rather not spend more than about £60 as I won't run any other mixed trail races this year.


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Sounds like you need an aggressive trail shoe rather rather than a fell shoe.  Something like the La Sportiva Bushido might suit although grip isn't great in mud.  It comes into its own on rocky or dry trails.  I like these shoes a lot.

    Your budget limits you to shoes that are sold in sales or end of line shoes.  You might strike lucky with something.  Better would be to spend more and find a shoe that fits and is comfortable.  Your feet are worth looking after and you may take to trail and offroad running.
  • Thanks T Rex. A already trail run and use Saucony Peregrine, but they're not suitable for the ultra I'm doing (John Muir Way) as the lugs are too aggressive. I've already ran part of the route in my Peregrine 6s and there's too much road and hard pack trail to get away with them over the full distance. I have the new Peregrine 8 but again, they are more for my usual trail and hill running duties up in the Pentlands. 

    I was in the Nike store at the weekend and they had the Wildhorse 3 for £59 which were ideal, but they don't have anything bigger than a 10. I need an 11 in those. Shame, as they looked ideal.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Whoa, 134 miles??  That's a serious first ultra. You could do with more than one pair of shoes for that distance.

    I've never heard of shoes at those prices.  Perhaps I ought to go north of the border!

    Have a look at the Bushidos I was talking about.  They're very good on harder packed trails and rock and very suitable for longer distances.

    I've just bought some Inov8 X-Claw 275s which again are good for longer distances, but over softer terrain.  I don't think they would stand up to a lot of road.
  • haha... don't worry. It's not the full length of the John Muir Way.


  • A thumbs up to the Bushidos from me too - I used them last summer in a 47km mountain race over a bit of road, hard packed tracks, and rocky alpine passes and they did their job perfectly including on the descents.  I had no falls and not too much discomfort from sharp stones through the soles.  I also had enough feedback about the ground I was running on.  Time on feet was around 6:45 - some of it was marching rather than running. 
  • Thanks for the feedback. I've managed to pick up a pair of Salomon XA Pro 3D for a snip from Ellis Brigham. If they don't fit properly when they arrive, I'll head to Craigdon Mountain Sports along near me and see if they have the Bushido to try on. HazelnutCH, that sounds like a great recommendation as the trails sound similar to what you ran on, surface wise.
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