Another Newbie - Nutrition\Fuel

So like a lot of people I decided I'd give running a bash this year as I was becomming a little inactive since I had to stop cycling to work (job move) and gaining weight, I'm 44 and currently just under 95 kg, if I could loose 10 Kg I would be very happy.

Now onto the running, I've never run before recreationally, so I've bought some basic trainers (cheap enough to not matter if I quit) and grabbed a Couch to 10K app for the phone, all seems to be going reasonably well I'm on to Week 4 after a three attempts at week 3 due to scheduling and picking up an early injury in my calf, and it is 3 runs a week (Mon\Wed\Fri), the runs are getting steadily more prolonged as you'd expect.

Now onto the main question, I am trying to lose weight so I am running and dieting, I have really cut back on my daytime intake and been careful with what I eat but I feel it's not enough fuel for the run on run days.

General day time intake is overnight oats with seeds for crunch at breakfast, low fat off the shelf noodles and fruit for lunch, another peice of fruit mid afternoon.

I would be running before my evening meal which is a decent meal not greatly changed form before, always reasonably healthy.

What I would like to know is some recommendations for increased intake on my run days to make me feel good for the runs that won't be counter productive to a bit of weight loss.

My main aim currently is to be able to happily run a 5k at what ever pace, but a run, and then decide if I want to continue onto the 10k distance and beyond.


    I would suggest that you spread out your food intake over the day, at the moment you eating very little during the day so you can have a bigger meal at night.   Your daytime nutrition is poor, noodles and fruit, that's a terrible choice.  You need more protein and a lot more variety, eat something different every day, aim for 10 portions of fruit and veg, go easy on the fruit.  

    Make sure you are well hydrated especially on your run days

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