First 10k in just over a month

i have got my first 10k 1st April. I have got to prove to people including myself I can manage it the target is 90 min, but I’m aiming towards under 100 mins. I can do 1 k in just under 8 mins but would struggle to keep that speed for more than a couple of km. I have ran or slow jogged 7.3 km once and 6.5 km both in under 10 min per km. I had been running with the man who organises the 10k which has helped but he preferred to keep running long distances rather than the run walk so I probably do go slower cos of that. He has agreed to have a run with me end of this month and few next month. He plans to have me run 8k end of this month but I’m thinking try the full 10k as we will be running the 10k route. Thing is I’m not sure if it would be best to try to run full 10k at 1k in under 10 min speed or split it in 2 with a walk in middle. If I did the walk in middle it would be slow walk to have a rest so I could do rest bit faster. I’m thinking the man probably will say run it all and see what time it takes and I would try it, but wondering if I may do it faster having a walk in middle.
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