New to running, any advice?

Hi all, I am new to running and want to run with my buggy to make it easier to fit in as I work part time and spend most of the time looking after my little girl. I want to get more active and healthy for my daughter and myself. :)


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    Take your time, buy a decent running bra, cheap clothes and shoes thst you find comfortable irrespective of what anyone else things about them. Remember to have fun.
  • I am new to running and I would say the best thing to do is not get hung up on times, distances etc and just get out there and do a bit of running. The other stuff can come later. I have been running about 6-8 weeks and it is slowly starting to get easier to drag myself out for a run etc.
    In fact I would say that today for the first time since I started trying to run I actually enjoyed it. I got into my stride and just kept on. I intended on doing 4 miles and did 6.5 miles.
    My problem at the moment is I know I am going too fast for a beginner training eg 10k run today about 10:50 per mile. I just find it really difficult to go slower as the training plans I have looked at suggest. I guess any running is good running though.
    Do you have a sturdy buggy, my kids buggy would fall apart if I ran with it
  • Hi I am also new and so this is helpful. I have been getting really bad pain at the back of my ankles into my calves - any suggestions on this please. I have literally only just started so any advice gratefully received. Thanks
  • I'd just go out to you're nearest park and try walk/run. Couch to 5k is a pretty good app you can use.
  • Just enjoy it, that is my advice and keep at it!
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