Pre race sports massage ?

Hi,  has anyone tried a pre race sports massage?  I am running the Big Half in 10 days and wondered whether a sports massage might loosen the muscles prior to the race?  I've been running 30+ miles per wk since mid Dec and peaked at 14m last weekend, now tapering for the last 10 days. No serious issues just a few niggles and general soreness ! Advice or previous experience gratefully received. 


  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    I just wouldn't introduce anything new in a taper.  Whilst a sports massage 10 days out in theory is fine, if you've never had one before why start now?

    My experience is that it takes 48 hours to 'recover' from a sports massage.
  • Good point,  maybe leave till after the race. Thank you 
  • Yeah, I have. This is a very different kind of massage to the normal deep tissue one - the masseur does a lot more rubbing and a bit of slapping and less gouging, so it's not something you need to recover from. It helps with bloodflow and the like.

    I'm doing the Big Half too, but I'm having a deep tissue jobby tomorrow (which I rather need as I ran 18 miles today). I'd say go for it, but ask for a pre-race massage rather than a regular sports massage.
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