Doing marathon training on treadmill

Looks like we may have some amount of snow on its way here in the south east, so my marathon training may be effected.  Is it better to get some of the workouts done on the treadmill even if it's not quite the same as running outside?.  I'm hoping it clears before next week's long run as I don't want to do 18 miles on a treadmill. 


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    it's better than not doing them at all, or injuring yourself doing them outdoors. 
  • I feel your pain.  I had to do a 14 mile long run on the treadmill a few weeks ago.  Best advice I can give you is break it down into smaller runs - maybe take a quick walk to get water.  I actually played around with the incline a bit as well and did different speeds, just to relieve the boredom.  Good luck if you have to do it!
  • General consensus seems to be that if you up the incline about 1% then there's not a huge amount of difference, apart from the extra give not giving the legs a chance to get used to the beating of the tarmac; and possibly a change in stride type emphasising quads over calves.

    I do some tempo and speed work on treadmill usually so that I can control exact pace and find treadmill very usefull for that.

    Run in the snow if you can though - it can be great fun!
  • Due to the fact that my joints are cattle trucked I’ve had to do my marathon training on a treadmill for the last 3years, usually set to random level 3 for midweek runs and incline 1% on long runs, just think, if you can run for 3 to 4 hours on a treadmill how easy is it going to be on the streets with the crowds etc.? It can be done,all the best 
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    I did my run last night on the treadmill. Was meant to be threshold and intervals, but could only manage 2 intervals as was sweating too much because the air conditioning is so poor at my gym.  

    Ive got a couple of easy runs and a steady run next 4 days so should be able to manage them.  I'm hoping the snow melts quickly and we miss the forecasted stuff on Friday, as would like to do my long run outside Sunday. 
  • Running on a treadmill for 2 to 4 hours helps to build mental toughness.
    Running long runs through: snow, hail, ice, winds, rain helps to build mental toughness.
    Running a marathon helps to build mental toughness. 
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