I just ran 3KM in the snow.

Now its snowing across the UK and a lot of people will use that as an excuse to stop running for a bit. I've done it before. However, today I went out for a walk in the snow and was almost finished and thought "f*ck it what the hell lets go for a run". It was very satisfying. I highly recommend it. Even wearing a thick padded coat and an almost empty bergen without drinking anything I completed it with relative ease. Now of course you need to look out for ice but where I am its still snowing so no chance of ice any time soon.....

Give it a try if you're looking to try something new with your runs.


  • I just ran 6.5 miles round local woodland trails, beautiful to see it blanketed in white. You're right qwertyK there is no excuse, but it was bloody cold in the exposed parts with wind whipping up snow and blasting my face!
  • Nope, it's 100% my reason not to run although I'm gutted I can't run. We have a red weather warning here and I'm asthmatic and always struggle in the cold but push through. Not brave enough in the heavy snow though so I think I'll say bye to running for the next few days and do some weights etc. in the house because even if I use it as my excuse not to run I hate not doing any exercise.

    However, well done to everyone who is up for running in the snow!
  • Well done fair play!

    Tried to go out a quick run last night but ice had formed under the snow and was slipping quite a bit so made a slow and cautious walk back home lol
  • Snow is up to my knees here :( I want to run!
  • I want to run but have a few injuries so I'm glad on my enforced absense
  • I still haven't gotten out. Insomnia has beaten me, hopefully get back to my routine tomorrow
  • Cant wait to get running in the snow. New to running this year so missed them snow
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