Ideas please..


I'm looking for recommendations for a "short" Ultra say 30 to 40 miles ish, trail rather than real off road ideally and suited for beginners. I reckon a bit of walking will be needed to keep us together as want to enter as a family event. Mid year sometime. Pretty relaxed with location but I'm Lancashire and fellow runner is South Midlands.

Separately I'd like to dip my toe into multi day, 2 or 3 days, A bit more on the wild side. Not one of these 25 miles a day over 2 days with entertainment at a Butlins type mid race stopover. More the bivvy bag in the hills. A mini Cape Wrath Ultra? 



  • Shires and Spires

    Ticks all the boxes and can personally recommend.
  • Hangman Ultra is great, 50k, fairly flat, the nicest people run it and it has the best checkpoint food I’ve ever seen ?

    Haven’t tried any of the hardcore bivvy bag in the hills multidays, have enjoyed a few of the 3-4 day Butlins type though! ?
  • The Railway Ultra - How Hard Can It Be Events is laps on an old railway path so very accessible and in the Midlands.
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