Getting back into longer runs for 10k

I have got a 10k coming up in 3 week yesterday. I’ve been practicing speed and distance. I have to manage this as 2 people who will be there will have been doing a lot to help me. Man who organises the run has gone running few times with me, but hasn’t been sure I’d manage it in under 90 min which to be fair I haven’t managed yet and honestly don’t think I will. As I wanted to give it a go and have done it in 100 min he agreed I was ok to give it a go. The woman who works with him is more optimistic and thinks I’ll manage. So it’s got to stage where I’m showing them both what I can manage.

i did a 10k 2 week back in 100 min which I’m pleased with it was mostly level which I’m hoping the 10k will be. Since then I’ve done shorter runs working on speed, but now decided I need a few longer runs thing is I find it boring on my own. I’m thinking do few longer runs like 4 to 7k before 10k then after that I’ll probably work mainly on speed for shorter runs unless I run with anyone.


  • From what I read, the goal is to finish the race.  Under 90 minutes would be a bonus, but the goal seems to be to do the run.  Then concentrate on that.  You're too close now to the race to worry about working on speed.  Enjoy the race ... especially crossing the finish line.  Both people helping you in training are going to be happy when they see that you're happy when you cross that finish line.
  • kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
    Yea not seen man who’s been helping as much but every time I do see him he’s asking how I’m getting on and today said I should do a 5k aiming for 45 min so I did one in 48 min with few slight hills so not too bad. Now he’s said try another 10 this week aiming for same speed as 5k today. So going to try that on Friday morning. Hoping to have a run with him next week but he’s hurt his leg so taking it steady for now.
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