Best value backpack?

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I've entered an ultra for the first time (50km). We have to carry our kit. This is probably the only one I'm going to do so I don't want to spend too much on a backpack, any recommendations?


  • Decathlon do a range of backpacks that are value for money and come in different sizes. You should probably be able to find something that will do for less than £30 and they’re surprisingly good quality.
  • Looking for older ranges from good quality brands can throw up some bargains. I got an older Salomon model for way cheaper than the current ones and it does everything I want and is really comfortable. Ultimate Direction are another brand that a lot of people like.
  • Deuter Speed Lite range without a doubt. On the few occasions I have run to work I have taken shoes, shirt trousers the works and once strapped in I have kept up the pace with ease. No lateral or vertical shake at all. They come with room for a water bladder. This one is a 5l one 

  • Dave928Dave928 ✭✭✭
    I like the look of the Deuter Speed Lite. 5L doesn't sound a lot though.

    Would all this fit in: waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, long sleeve top, phone, food, water...?
  • Waterproof jacket, make it thin and light. Nike do some that will keep you warm not dry. Dry is impossible. Layer a base, tech shirt then jacket. Use cycling arm warmers maybe. Waterproof trousers. Why? You will sweat and be wet inside. Running tights with lycra shorts over them is what I wear in the very cold, snow and rain. In rain chaffing is a problem so use the Vaseline.
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