1.5 miles in 14.29 what's your run time

I've never ever exersize. I wanted to join the army and they predicted I'd get 15 mins after a few tries. I got 14.30 right off the bat. I'm quite tall and slim and was told it's very good but I hadn't eaten this morning and I hardly pushed myself.
The thing that stopped me most was chest pains.

So i guess 1. What was your first run time? 2. Is mine good and 3. Is chest pains before I'm actually tired normal? What can improve it. More running?


  • ACE_ACE_ ✭✭
    I’ve got Phase 1 pretty soon so I’ve done selection and everything. 

    14:30 isn’t too bad but it does need to be faster! My first run was about the same and I can safely say the best way to get faster is to get out and run. 
    Between 3-5 times a week is good but listen to your body after each run. If you’re pulling take a rest day or go for a slower paced run (recovery run). I’m nowhere near as fit as most people on here but the best thing to do is to get used to running and get used to being uncomfortable. 

    Good luck :)
  • You need to get a bit faster mate, try doing some sprint interval training 30s on 1 min off and repeat between 6 - 15 times as it gets easier start to decrease your rest period until it matches your working period! 

    Also test your 1k speed push it as fast as you can and try and head your previous time every time you do it! 

    I'm ex forces myself (infantry) my 1.5 in selection was 7.39 

    Stay consistent and push your body outta that comfort zone! Nothing will be achieved in it! 

    All the best T.
  • What do you want to go in to? The army requires different 1.5 mile times for different regiments. For example para's need a realistically under 9 minutes.

    Intervals, hill sprints and longer runs will improve your time
  • So you aren't uesd to exercise, you go out and run, and end up being stopped by chest pains, I think that's right? I'm a bit uesd to exercise in general and I say if you  carry on like you are without proper guidance, you'll end up injured or in A&E, or both. Why not learn from the experts by joining a running club, who'll teach you the proper way to train your body (and there is a lot  more to running than just running) in the shortest time to get to your goal without risk of injury? Our run club has a beginners course starting next week, so check yours out, make some phone calls, that's where your answer lies.
  • Get the right shoes fitted at a running specialty store that will fit you and provide the support/cushioning that you need need to train towards improving your fitness to run faster. 
  • I did 5km which is 3.1 miles in 19 minutes today in a park. I'm a 32 year old male, work in an office and aside from cycling slow 30 minutes to work and back each day I rarely do any exercise. It's the breathing part that I find difficult, once I'm able to control my breathing I might be able to cut down my 19 minutes to 17-18 minutes on a relatively flat park.
  • runner27runner27 ✭✭✭
    just under 10 minutes mine
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