Autumn Marathon

Been training for Brighton Marathon but picked up an injury 5 weeks from race and now think I am going to pull out. Rather than waste the training ( which went very well pre injury) I think I am going to switch to another race later in the year. All the big races in May (Edinburgh being the standout) don't appear to be taking entries any more so was therefore looking at a autumn race. I have been looking at Yorkshire, Dublin and Amsterdam but don't really know a lot about these so if anyone has run them before or knew of another good race it would be great to get an opinion.

I am chasing a good for age time (3:05) so a nice flat Pb friendly course would be ideal!


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Trev, Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll (May 20th) is still taking entries. It's not flat but it's not bad either (and the last part is downhill/flat) so a PB is possible. It's a really fun race too.
    I'm doing Chester in the Autumn. It has some good reviews. I understand Yorkshire sells out fast.
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