Wireless Earphones Which Are NOT Buds


I've not been on this forum for a very long time. I now work out at the gym as I kept having knee problems when I went out running.

Anyway, does anyone know of any wireless (bluetooth) earphones which are NOT buds, and have no foam on them. Preferrably the type with a hook over-and-behind the ear. I use buds at the moment, but I really don't like the isolation effect they have. You'd think it would be an easy thing to find, but it seems all the manufacturers are in love with buds.

I need them to be wireless as I sit my phone on the machine to watch my heart rate. The alternatives I have are to keep using the buds, or to use a separate mp3 player.



  • Looking back through the posts here, I found the Plantronics Backbeat FIT, which as far as I can tell aren't buds. But at £80, they're a bit pricey for me. Maybe if I can find nothing by the time Christmas rolls around!

    (Also, I realise this should have been a question and not a discussion. Sorry about that.)
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    I've got Anker NB10 wireless headphones, which I like.  I'm not an expert, but they work well for me and are £20 on amazon.  They look a similar type to the Plantronics ones you mention
  • Oh thanks, they do look like they might do! They're definitely not the sort which blocks out all the other sound and gives that isolated feeling though?

    I'm not fussed about sound quality (they're only for an mp3 player on a phone, while I'm training), and £20 is a price I'd be happy to pay, so long as they're not the types you stuff in the ear!
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    They do go in the ear and block out sound to a certain extent.  Depends how loud you have them as to whether they block out all sound.  Aftershokz may be the best bet if you don't want to shut out the outside world.  They don't even go directly into the ear.
  • Thanks for your help, Peers. I had looked at Aftershokz, but as it's in a gym and I understand there is quite a bit of noise leak with Aftershokz, they probably aren't suitable. After a lot of hours looking, I think I finally found something which doesn't require jamming the buds in the ears though: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071GBW6X3/

    They aren't a design I've tried before. But they're much cheaper than the Plantronics (£20, instead of £80), so worth a try. Thanks again.
  • PeersPeers ✭✭✭
    They look good.  Hope they do the job for you!
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