Posterior tibialis? Or something else?

Hello everyone,

I'm a newbie here and pretty new to running in general, but I'm getting really frustrated by injuries and thought I'd see if any of the more experienced and knowledgeable runners on here have any pearls of wisdom to share!

Just as some background info, I'm a fit & healthy 30 year old female, been running for a couple of months and very gradually building up to a distance of 4 miles, because I'm prone to overuse injuries (shin splints, plantar fasciitis etc) which seem to be more likely given that I'm flat flooted. I'm currently experiencing pain in my right foot (which is the less flat of my feet!) and having done a good deal of research the closest thing I've come up with is posterior tibial tendonitis, but I'm not completely sure: I understand that if you're suffering from this, standing on tip-toes is very painful/impossible? I can stand on tip-toes very comfortably, but the action of RAISING onto tip-toes is a bit painful. Running is too painful atm, and walking is mildly painful too: I can walk comfortably on my heel or tip-toes, but the action of rolling from the heel to the toe when walking is uncomfortable. The area around my inner ankle (especially just below the ankle and to the back of the ankle bone - around 5/6 o'clock if the inner ankle bone were a clock face) is also painful when I massage it firmly (but not sore if I touch it gently), as is the area going up towards my shins - but that might just be where some mild shin splint pain is coming in. I wore a compression sock yesterday after attempting to run for 1 minute left me limping for the rest of the day, and the pain is certainly milder today, although I feel that if I tried to run I'd be limping again in seconds.

I wondered whether anyone more expert than I might have any ideas whether this could be post tib tendonitis or not, and how long I'm likely to be off running for? Recurrent injuries are getting me down now, and it's so frustrating to be grounded while I'm feeling so enthusiastic for running (but I know that I can't run through this one). I'd be really grateful for any help :smile:


  • Sounds similar to the problem I've had for 6 months (with 4-5 months rest!) which I thought had finally resolved but it's just come back this week, so I share your frustration with not being able to run when the motivation is there (I had just signed up for my first half marathon in October!). I'm thinking it's time to see a physio as I'm struggling to find much help online, and a lot of resources say that problems with the post tib can take a long time to heal :(

    The only difference for me is that I don't experience any pain doing calf raises, but walking became almost unbearable early on, and lasted for 2 weeks after I stopped running, which really sucked! Also, when running, I find hills in particular really aggravate the pain for me.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful, but hopefully someone else will have something more positive to add!
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