London Marathon Cheaters - let's do this



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    A 1:14 half from a 60-64 yo while weaving around 20,000 runners!  Fabulous running, Rory!
  • I thought it was the flash the passed me. Turns out it was Rory
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    Hmmm mr Walker doesn't appear to be taking the accusation of cheating lying down, he's blocked me on twitter! 
  • Me too.  I'm thinking @Superflywalker might contain a slight typo.  How the fck that's still in the results is beyond me.  No pictures to show any evidence of being on the course during the suspicious timeframe and photographic evidence that he wasn't exactly burning it up once he miraculously re-appeared.  If that's not grounds for removal then I don't what is.

    As you were.
  • I think @superflywa*ker has deleted his celebratory tweet.

    Now why would you do that ? 
  • I thought I was special in getting blocked
  • Looks like Walker has now deleted his account...
  • JoelDJoelD ✭✭✭
    Wow, that's a bit drastic! Clearly not interested in trying to prove his innocence (on the off chance he actually was innocent that is)
  • This is my favourite part of Mr Walkers race analysis (on the "where" tab) - his speed over that 3rd quarter is literally breathtaking ....
  • LOL !  Yeah that does stand out a bit doesn't it ?  Certainly looks a bit different from mine....
  • Always enjoy this thread - thanks for the efforts to the sleuths on here!

    Just had a look at Mr Walker myself, I had a look through his photos and tried to see how a couple of other runners that were in the same pictures as him faired.

    He passed 15k at 12:03, 41662 passed 15k at 12:02:59 and 50474 at 12:03:37.  Chris passed 20k at 12:54, over 10 minutes slower than the other two who passed at 12:42 and 12:43.

    The other two finished in 5:41 and 5:32. It was pretty amazing he could turn a 10 minute deficit over 5k to finish an hour ahead of them whilst walking.

    Incidentally, whilst his Twitter has gone he is still posing with his medal on insta chris_superfly_walker

    I had a crap race myself. My worst time in 25 marathons, an hour slower than last year but I plodded on to the end.  I hated it, the heat and the crowds, I felt I was in a cauldron and I couldn't escape.  I could easily given up but if I had... no way would I be hanging a medal round my neck...

  • EtchEtch ✭✭
    > @"Jonathan Parsons 7" said:
    > This is my favourite part of Mr Walkers race analysis (on the "where" tab) - his speed over that 3rd quarter is literally breathtaking ....

    20.9kph? Pah, he was dawdling, no wonder Mr O'Connor passed him...
  • 37.2 KMH !  That's the way to do it !
  • JoelDJoelD ✭✭✭
    If only he could have sustained that pace from the start, he would have blasted through the fabled two hour marathon barrier and beaten the world record by around 55 minutes 
  • I make that 9.68 seconds per 100m, so just missing out on Bolt's world record.  So not as good as you might think, given that Bolt had the disadvantage of having to do it from a standing start while Mr O'Connor had a run-up at it.
  • dctdct ✭✭✭
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    One of those insta posts is worth a look, regarding what he saw at 22 miles.

    I can't seem to stay away
  • JoelDJoelD ✭✭✭
    Ok probably not all that appropriate but wasn't Campbell a 2:45 marathoner? If so how could mr superfly have been standing next to him at mile 22? 
  • Walker is disgusting, turns my somach
  • His Instagram has gone now too. What a piece of work
  • From where I was (and didn't see the CPR) and where a mate was (4mins back at 35k) and did see it then Mr Super_fly would have had to be at ~22.5miles sometime after 1250 in order to see it and he 'allegedly' took a wrong turn sometime after passing 20k at 1254.  So that's another piece of the jigsaw that puts him in the wrong place at the right time. Clearly not the fizziest drink in the fridge is he?

    No further questions your Honour.

    As you were.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Update on Mr Bos (P2).  I put a link to his tracking on FB and subsequently got a mild complaint from one of his clubmates.  He claimed to have dropped out purposely, made his way back to the finish but crossed the line as he wanted the medal as a keepsake anyway.  He did mail VLM eventually and asked to be removed from the results.  The fact that he crossed the line 7/8 minutes inside his GFA requirement (3:20) was very convenient so the jury is still out for me.  He was also running on a GFA green number which was 'earned' at the York marathon in 2016 (3:13).  However as someone else has pointed out his race photos from York are of someone else running in his number with a different name on his vest!  I wonder if his club can explain that one away?  
  • Shocking. So he had to get a mate to let him qualify for the big race . but then he couldn't even finish the race !

    You'd not want a keepsake of a race you didn't even finish .
  • Whilst this is all great reading it makes me sick the amount of cheaters. I did a GFA in Valencia in November and one a few weeks ago in Taunton, was over the moon that i got into London 2019 and then gutted London changed it. Reading that Walkers twitter, he really does come across as a complete knob!
  • TickTockTickTock ✭✭✭

    A traumatic back story..

    But ends ironically...

    Chris’s brush with the Guillain-Barre syndrome has seen his outlook on life change.

    “I can’t say no, because I’ve got this second chance. If there is a challenge, I just have to meet it. No matter how big it is.”

    Though to be fair it could have be worse

    “The most daunting time was when I couldn’t physically go to the toilet and I had to just shit myself in bed."

  • Nessie said:
    A 1:14 half from a 60-64 yo while weaving around 20,000 runners!  Fabulous running, Rory!
    I have an image of a Shane Williams like mazy run, handing-off the occasional rhinoceros along the way.
  • It's awful to have a disease like that and more power to him for coming through

    It doesnt change what he did
  • Want to see someone combust then have a look at my results 3375. Trained for 4:30, took 6:30 in my 4th marathon. 
    Truly awful! I spent 20 mins with St Johns.
    The cheating is awful but theres a few mean comments about people being weak for not finishing. The heat gave me panic attacks. I dont blame anyone for not finishing on Sunday
  • RaceToast said:
    What are people's views on those who have clearly taken the entry bib from another - should these also be outed?

    I'll kick off with bib 19750 - This relates to John Tighe of Crowborough Runners, but when you look at the photos of a fellow Crowborough athlete (20186) it appears to be on the vest of a lady who I assume to be called Eileen

    Very disappointing, especially when it's so hard to get in. If you’re going to do that, perhaps don’t lead through 400m!!  Bib 1279, led the elite field away so presumably had a championship start place. However his finish time was 3:13 with a 1:30 HM split. So no suggestion of cutting short but just a bit of a slow run for someone on Champ Start. Checking the results, the number is Peter Oom of Sweden and Kettering Town Harriers.  Checking Strava, Peter Oom from Sweden was in fact IN Sweden riding his bike for 58 miles on Sunday 22nd. He ran London in  '16 & '17 (2:41 & 2:57 respectively) and his photos are of a different guy to that below.  They match his Strava pictures and his strava activities for the last two years match up with his finish times.  No idea who the guy running in his number was.  The two KTH runners on strava who have a VLM activity look legit and not this guy.

  • Oh that's top detecting there Jon.  

    I'd let the guy off fading with that first sprint, but it's a bit of a d*ck move anyway and especially if it's not a genuine place.  Looks like both him and our Swedish pal won't be playing again.

    Katie I don't think anyone's making mock of people not finishing - it was tough out there - but to not do the distance and then claim a finish is a bit much. 
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    Check FB and you can see his ride - but he does sound like a top guy.  Maybe a few red faces at Kettering Harriers though.
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