Running, IBS and Anxiety

I was diagnosed with IBS many years ago and have always controlled it. I found running last year to cope with my depression. So far I have only run on the treadmill in my garage as I have not been able to go out due to getting anxious about not having facilities nearby. I am planning on running a Race for Life 5k on June 23rd as I do not want this to control my life anymore. I wondered if anyone else had experienced this or had any tips to help get through it. I love the atmosphere of the Race for Life so feel this is the best race to start with. I don't want to be stuck in my garage forever. I would love to hear from you and grateful for only positive comments not negative. Thanks!


  • Hi I am just trying to get back into running after 5 years off, I suffer with similar anxieties and never thought I would be to do my first half marathon without needing the facilities several times but much to my amazement I managed it and adtualla it didn't even enter my thought process once I was there before or during. I'm sure you can do this.
  • @SLOTHBUBBLE my first 5k was a race for life but i picked a bad course (very uphill for someone who did no training) and it put me off. the next year i did a pretty muddy 5k which was a completely different experience. go for it, the atmosphere is worth it. my anxiety gets bad thinking people are looking at me all the time judging my speed and my weight but i'm learning to tune out and enjoy the experience. best of luck!
    "it does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop"
  • I know i dont have IBS but my bladder is the size of a walnut :D every time I run it makes me want to wee
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