5k race time decrease drastically in 1 month without any reason

Hello all,
I begin to train seriously since February on treadmill. My 5k time was 28 minutes at the begining. I hardly reduce the running time by doing 3 quality and hard workouts per week (12 miles per weeks). At the end of March, my 5k time is 26minutes and 40 seconds.
During April, I continue to do 3 qualify workouts per week but the milage increases to 15 miles and run solely outside. My 5k time is 24 minutes!
Surprised by the new record, I make a test to run on treadmill and my 5k time is 24 minutes and 10 seconds! So, I shave 2m30s of my 5k time in 1 month.

What do you think about that?
Maybe all treadmill in my gym are miscalibrated at the begining and by chance, they are all fixed at the end of April?


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