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  • Alit100, welcome to the world that is London Marathon! Nothing is straight forward, it’s run like a secret squirrel organisation, everything is complicated and kept to themselves, don’t know how they manage to keep facts and figures under wraps with the freedom of information act, but they do. Still we do know now that 6000 places are allocated to GFA and 15000 to gold bond so 21000 places accounted for
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    I'm not sure London mara is subject to foi. 

    Don't forget the champs places as well.

    Also I certainly don't think they filled 3000 men gfa places. 
  • If you count the champs places with the gfa that leaves approximately 26000 places for silver bond,running clubs,overseas,travel firms,deferrals,sponsers and lastly,ballot! That would tie up with the Royal College of Statistics who have always predicted approximately 17000 places for public ballot
  • Oh hell, there was me thinking that I would have a good chance of getting a place, obviously not so straight forward! If the above figures are realistic then I’ve got about a1:25 chance of a start place. There again I suppose that depends on how many boxes I ticked on the application.............
  • Totally random and off the subject, but,does anyone know where I can find a copy of the route map for LM,about 2003,and a copy of the 2006 tv coverage/ highlights? Many thanks
  • Ha ha, good news, just got a text from old colleague letting me know they’ve still got their corporate allocation and it’s mine if I want it. So, off to sunny Blackheath n 28/04/2019, see you all there.........
  • Hi all,

    Has anyone else (silly question ha!) logged into https://hub.realbuzzregistrations.com/ to see if it says anything yet.

    When clicking on 2019 VMLM UK Ballot, and then the Entries tab, I have seen two variants for ballot entries.

    The first one has a big red cross saying they were unsuccessful in the ballot for 2019, quite explanatory!

    The second is my wife's one, which doesn't say that, and when you scroll down that tab, it says about Withdrawals and if you wish to withdraw from this event to provide a reason and click withdraw.

    Could my wife actually by lucky at the 8th time of asking, or am I hoping too much for her do you think? Just wondered what other peoples log in areas stated.

  • "Colchester Coyote" I have the same Withdrawls screen as you describe for your wife. I don't know anyone else's details to check theirs yet.

    It would be my first ballot success in 11 years. I got a place previously from the five strikes and you're in system, I was lucky to be in the final year.

    Here's hoping anyway!

  • mine has the withdrawal option too - seems unlikely that 3 out of 4 of us have got in through the ballot?

    need a bigger sample size?!

  • i have three entries in my Realbuzz - mine was withdrawn as i got GFA so has gone read, i also have my wife and her uncle - both have the withdraw option so i do not think this means anything about being successful - no way both got in.
  • think that's pretty conclusive? have to wait til next week then?
  • I haven’t signed up for this website, if I do now will I be able to check my success, or not?
  • AliT100 said:
    I haven’t signed up for this website, if I do now will I be able to check my success, or not?
    Surely you must have a login with them even if you do not know it, as thought it was automatic? Try inputting your email address and using the forgotten password option maybe?
  • Ah ok, I was just getting excited for her after seeing someone elses that already had a large red box at the top of that section with a cross and saying they had not got a ballot place.

    Maybe we are just all extremely lucky ha!
  • interestingly i have my race number already on the GFA entry - if the start numbering is the same as last year i could be on Green for the first time in 9 races :) - it would also be funny if both my wife and her uncle got in - she has completely forgotten we put her name down :)
  • Okay,have tried logging into this site and it’s telling me that my details don’t register, I take it that means “ sod off, you’re not in “ lol
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    you must have a login for that site as you had to sign up for the ballot. Put in your main e-mail address and reset password.

    Andy, I don't have my e-mail from April with the final instruction book. Are you able if you get a chance to put up the parameters for each start as I also have my number. I did the green start in 2017 and really disliked. Very small start and not enough toilets or space in the first mile. I was on blue this year and that was much more roomy.

  • Just keeps telling me my email address is not recognised
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    that's bizarre as I thought a ballot or gfa entry was managed through it and so you had to set one up to enter either. Maybe it was just at the point of payment. Try setting up an account using the e-mail address you used to enter the ballot.
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    Found the start zone numbering. I'll be on green if same parameters as last year.
  • I have the withdrawal option on mine. I got in the ballot last year so I'm sure I probably haven't got in twice in a row! Sort of decided I'm not going to do London again until I can qualify anyway
  • DT19 suppose they will have the same numbering as previous years - makes sense to use the same system each year. How hard is it to get around the Z-listers - seen they get to line up at the front despite some walking most of it! i was going for between 3 - 3.10 pace race - dont fancy having to dodge a load of media obsessed 'celebs'. i'd also heard the facilities where better in green as it was the 'celeb' start
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    Andy, the green start has better facilities....inside the z listers special pen! Its a bit like the Champs area on the red zone. Beyond that, the lorry leaves that start about 30 minutes earlier than the other 2, the toilet queue took me 30 or so minutes (versus about 5 this year in blue) and I couldn't even get into my pen as people were queuing back into the field. I've started on all 3 and Green is the poor relation.

    Oddly, when I saw my number last year I carried out the same exercise and looked at the 2017 zones and was in the green zone based on 2017, however I ended up in blue zone. Hopefully that happens again.

  • Out of all the starts, I preferred the Red Fast Zone. Was brilliant, able to casually go to the portaloos less than 5 minutes before the start of the race, and still come out and walk straight over to the front of the start line.

    I got bogged under with those z list celebs getting in the way in Green start a few years ago just so their photos could be taken. Was much more fun running along with Nell McAndrew later in the race ;-) 
  • Have finally checked real buzz and it’s offering us all the option to withdraw, there’s no way on earth that we’ve all been successful so go with the idea that it’s for withdrawing from the lottery NOT the actual 2019 race
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    That sounds like the most likely reason. Previously people couldn't withdraw from ballot and may have been successful. At least this gives the option to ensure that doesn't happen. 
  • Just thinking aloud, if they are giving people the opportunity to withdraw from the ballot does that mean it’s not taken place yet? The results are due out soon so surely this is adding more problems to the selection process!
  • Sooooo, it’s only worth checking here if you’re FGFA,GFA or possibly deferral from last year. If the ballot hasn’t been annnounced yet then the rest of us have been wasting our time trying to work out what it all means lol
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    so if I go into my 'upcoming section I have two events-

    1. 2019 ballot.

    2. 2019 good for age.

    If I then click on the entries tab for item 1 it says this entry has been withdrawn. If I do the same on item 2 it tells me to contact the organiser to withdraw.

    Not sure that is of any help in what is a great annual guessing game.

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    just seen a London mara Facebook update saying ballot results will begin dropping wc 08 October. 
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