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  • DT19 said:

    so if I go into my 'upcoming section I have two events-

    1. 2019 ballot.

    2. 2019 good for age.

    If I then click on the entries tab for item 1 it says this entry has been withdrawn. If I do the same on item 2 it tells me to contact the organiser to withdraw.

    Not sure that is of any help in what is a great annual guessing game.

    Hi mate, I may be wrong, but they didnt used to let you have a ballot entry and a GFA entry for the same year, so maybe that is why number 1 says it has been withdrawn.

    There is a very high chance that if you had a GFA time that you are in. As usually about 3000 runners at london each year get a GFA time that they have never had before, which puts more load on the GFA qualifiers. However this year due to the heat, this did not happen. So the new GFA rules wont kick too many out this time.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Hi, CC- Yes that was my understanding.

    The other reason the new GFA rules wont have so much of an impact this year is that people in the other major marathons such as Brighton and Manchester were chasing different targets, so if in Manchester you were 42 you were chasing 3.15. You head out to do your best, fatigue creeps in and if your B goal is just to secure a GFA and you are on for 3.10 ish with a few miles to go, why batter yourself! Next year when people know the targets more will dig in.

    Additionally, the qualifying dates have changed which means that an Autumn marathon will only be of use once. If I run a gfa in 2 weeks I can now only use that for London 2020 and not 2021 in addition.

    Just reading about Boston reducing it's qualifying times. London reduced its to be consistent with other majors but the times are far tougher than Boston, Chicago or New York.

  • Hill1Hill1 ✭✭✭
    I do love this time of year with all the "are we, aren't we" guessing games!! Won't be long now until we find out, and the focus of the messages can switch to the familiar sound of "How unfair is the London ballot!!" Haha!!!
  • I’ve already got a place for next year but I’m still playing the guessing game so I’ll have a place for 2020! Best of luck to all of you!!!
  • Yes I can pretty much have a place any year, as long as I run one somewhere the year previous through GFA. Just really hoping that my wife finally gets in for next year though.
  • I really need to be faster, or luckier. Ah well.
  • I managed to get a place this year having been turned down for the past four marathons. I will be running for the registered charity that I founded, ChoraChori (the Nepali word for children), that is fighting child rape in Nepal. Anyone else with a place fancy joining me?
  • We got a big no again so looking at magazine though we ed try a charity thought highway robbery went out with dick turpin got told a place up the way had a bond entry called them and they said they did last year they asked2000 but no one wanted it surprise this year they’re being realistic and only want 1800 Rogers going along on Wednesday to have a word see if they be willing to take about 1400 we can about manage that hopefully we ll be able to join you all in the smoke next year all the best
  • Just got a call from Roger it’s all good local place has agreed to let us have their bond place for £1400 so we’re on our way to London to finally take part in Marathon will have to find somewhere to sleep for a couple of nights and book the coach up and back then get down to raising my £700 towards our target looking forward to April oh yeah
  • Glad to see you have managed to secure a place eventually but it seems to me that you think you can both run on the day, unfortunately a bond place is only for one runner, the same as a ballot entry,or am I just reading this wrong? Good luck anyway 
  • Just got into VLM 2019 winning our running club place. Great to be back there over 2 years and, after only having managed to run 10k of it last time and walking the rest, hoping to improve on that this time.
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    yes I was a bit confused how 2 people were running on one bond place.

    Well done Claire. Another casualty are club places. Ours has always had 3. this year it's one. 
  • Shocked, Just had notification i won a place in the VLM 2019 through a new balance comp - get a new pair of shoes too! Working out logistics, getting train in Saturday, go to excel to pick up race kit, then to hotel for 1 night, then back home on train after race. Hotel is the tricky one - wanted somewhere near the start, but nothing around with a reasonable price.
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    Basically if you can find a hotel that is in easy reach of Charing cross then it's a very regular and straightforward train journey to start. Plus you'll be closer then to the finish line. I stay in a premier inn in Holborn. It's a 15 minute walk to Charing cross or less to a tube and same back from finish. Think I paid £160. 
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    edited November 2018
    As there are free trains from central London to the start there isn't really much point in staying near the start - unless it's practical for you?.  We usually book our hotel reasonably close (Southwark this year) to the finish and walk back - good workout for stiff legs! 
    Portlanders - congratulations, that's great news :)
  • Cheers Shades, Wardi, and DT19 - I'll be coming in and leaving from Paddington station - I guess transport options will be good to both start and finish from there, looks only to be a 20min tube from the finish -  will be about an hour to blackheath though for the start - but rather that for the start then the finish. So thinking of getting a hotel near there where it's significantly cheaper, £65 i think i've found. Whereas central hotels it's more like £150. 
    Portlander - don't delay booking your hotel, the price only goes up for VLM weekend.   Then once that's sorted you can start planning your training :)

  • Well done Portlander - have been entering all the competitions with no success... so have finally succumbed and taken a bond place for the first time in 5 years. London 2019 here I come!
  • Cheers Shades, got confirmation from the hotel that they will hold my suitcase for me to collect after the race, so that's all booked :) Now to crack on with the strengthening exercises and training in general. 

    Thanks Gladrags, came as quite a shock i can tell you, only been running a year and was gutted in didn't get in on the ballot. I appreciate just how difficult it is to get accepted for the marathon and intend to soak it all up and appreciate it all. 

    Good Luck to you. 
  • Oh I recognise some nice veterans of VLM here - I won't start listing them in case I miss anyone out.
    Can I join this forum too please?
    Would love to have the first timers (both VLM & first time marathoners) identify themselves so I can assist in some small way.
  • I would be welcome of any advice / tips Harmander - not only first VLM, but first marathon, and actually not run in a half marathon before - although in training i've got to 16 miles (was due to the run the oxford half last month, but pulled out injured) learnt not to increase distance so quickly now..doh! 
  • Portlanders,
    I only offer to share my experiences (lessons learnt from mistakes made) which is not the same as advice.
    The 'veterans' from previous VLM forums will know that I totally respect their inputs and am always learning myself from them too.
    As an introduction, I have run the London Marathon every year for the past 34 years and VLM 2019 will be my 4th consecutive year as a 5 hour pacer for the Runners World Pace Team. I am juggling my marathon schedule to make the London my 150th marathon - the second option is to make Southampton Marathon the following week (5th May) my 150th as it will also be our 40th wedding anniversary (yes I am an old codger).
    As in previous years I offer training runs along different parts of the VLM course that combine progressive increases in distance as we get closer to the race day with course familiarisation to help you on the big day. They all have three things in common:
    1. We run at 12 minute mile pace.
    2. I bore everyone with useless details about the course while running.
    3. There is a Big Mac Meal involved.
    The first run & moan session will be on 25 November starting at 11 am from Cutty Sark tube station (this is near the 7 mile marker on the run route) - we will run up to the half way point - or add a few more miles by running along The Highway to Narrow Street (just past the 14 mile mark) and returning on the other side of the road to Tower Hill tube station which is close to the 23 mile mark. I will then expect to be treated to a Big Mac Meal by everyone who joins me (I accept legitimate IOUs) or a small contribution of your choice towards a charity of my choice.
    During December (either Saturday 23 or Sunday 30) the run will be from Tower Bridge (near the 20km mark - closest station will be Tower Hill) at 11 am to run the second half of the VLM route to the finish but continuing to Whitehall where again I will expect to be treated to a Big Mac Meal (or the equivalent contribution to a charity of my choice) from everyone joining me.
    In February AND March (probably Sunday 17) I will offer to run from Cutty Sark to the Finish line (Whitehall for Big Mac Meal actually) which will be about 20 milers so newbies will get their longest run in before thinking of tapering.
    If this appeals to anyone who can make the dates just alert me on this forum.
    My other claim to fame is being the coach to Fauja Singh (google him) the world's oldest marathon runner who ran his his first aged 89, his fastest aged 92 in 5 hours 40 and his last aged 101 in 7 hours 49 minutes. I have also been a guide runner (marathons and Ultras) for Louise Simpson - blind from birth double Paralympian for GB.
    Incidentally, I am just another ordinary runner in the shadow of my colleagues in the 100 Marathon club - some whom have run more than 1000 marathons - I know my place. I just get a buzz out of helping others achieve their goals - be it through personal development or running.
    Previous VLM forums have included some training programmes I have drafted for ordinary runners who try to combine work/family life with running but I will say, if you are following other training programmes, stick with them - don't try to combine training programmes.
    Good luck in your running and keep smiling. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    That's some wonderful things you have done in that post, Harmander. much respect!
  • Thank you DT19
    All the best
  • wow! thanks for the post Harmander, much respect to you and all that you have achieved to date. I wish you well for your 150th, and 40th anniversaries. 
    I'm not local to London unfortunately, Southampton i was considering when i didn't get through on the ballot, but now i have London sorted that's where i'll undertake my first marathon - of many i hope, though i'm a late starter and overweight. 
    Good luck to you sir, and again thanks for the post - very inspiring. 
  • Portlanders - London is a great first marathon - the sights and atmosphere are unique and the support from the crowd is phenomenal. It has its downsides - it's very busy and it's difficult to get into, but you're already in an as a first marathon it would be hard to beat the sense of occasion. Don't worry about being a late starter, you will love it. I did London as my first marathon seven years ago, didn't know what to expect. Ended up crying with emotion at the finish line and with the sense of achievement of being able to call myself a marathon runner, and haven't missed a London marathon since. My story is probably pretty common - at the very least, you'll remember the day for the rest of your life, more probably it will change your life a little.

    I don't mean to sound so evangelical, just wanted to reassure you that it's worth every minute of hard work in training - when your pushing yourself on long runs through the wind and the rain over winter, visualise turning right at 12.5 miles and seeing the crowds waiting for you down either side of Tower Bridge.

  • Portlanders,
    Rodeoflip is absolutely right - I have run in over twenty countries, some exotic (Mauritius), some the dregs (Paris) and some over-hyped (New York) but you can't beat London overall.
    I will be doing Tokyo next March (after ten years of trying to secure a place) to complete my Marathon Majors and get the six star medal for doing so - but for me, it's just another tick box marathon  compared with London.
    How about rewarding yourself and doing Southampton a week later? If I get to pace, I will definitely join you.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Yes I agree, London was my first in 2014 and other than 2015 I have run every year since and will be in 2019 and 2020 all being well. The turn at 12.5 miles and running over Tower Bridge is a 5 minute period where I like to take my racing hat off and appreciate how amazing it is.

    For me it all starts walking into the expo where the classic London marathon music is playing, something I grew up loving.

  • DT19,
    The music is from the film
    The Trap I believe
    I could be wrong
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