Best running backpack for skinny females

HK Pink LadyHK Pink Lady ✭✭✭
I've tried a couple of running packs and none have been small enough for me to strap up and not bounce - even when I pull to the end of the straps, which has also caused chaffing around my collar bones and lower neck.

Looking for a small volume backpack which doesn't should "ultra runner" cos I'm not one!  Just to carry say 1L water and some kit.  Any suggestions?


  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭
    I find even the largest of them too small to carry a skinny female. 
  • I'v had the same issue HK Pink Lady and have recently purchased an (as yet untried but trying it on the signs are good) Ultimate Direction women's specific hydration vest, don't worry about whether it shouts 'ultra' or not - you can use them for whatever you need. Not only is the fit women specific but the xs is actually xs  :) I think they do at least two different packs with different storage capacity.
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  • Oooh!  Let me know how it goes when you try it.  I'm going to look into the Camelbak Octane Dart too - that looks quite small in the picture...

  • Little M.iss HappyLittle M.iss Happy ✭✭✭
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    I've had xs unisex ones and they were just too big, comfortable enough for shorter runs but as soon as I tried to do any distance in them the soft flasks bruised me badly with the bouncing. I'd really recommend finding a women's fit one if you can, I've spent a lot of money over the years trying to find something that's comfortable.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Ran in the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta this morning, after a little faffing adjusting straps and tucking bits in and just generally getting used to it I found it very comfortable and much better size wise than my last one which was a Salamon unisex xs/s.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • It took me a long time to choose the right backpack Here for me, too. But then I accidentally found an interesting article that helped me make the right choice.
  • KellerKeller ✭✭✭
    (When I was skinny) I found a cheap cycling bag with reservoir at Tesco - I've now had it for years (had to change the reservoir once or twice in that time), but the bag itself was fantastic - long enough to sit down your back and doesn't bounce around, and went small enough to keep it snug.

    I'm a porker now, but luckily the straps go bigger too  :D
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