Expensive but fun.

Hi there all.

Just wondering if there are many others out there like myself who enjoy there training using all the latest running equipment.

When on the steets of Kent at the moment im using my heart rate monitor (£260) timex speed and distance (£220)
minidisc player if a long run (£260)and if a very long run my camel bak,

Then add the shoes and the kit and im running down the street worth £1000.

OK to some people out there this might seem excessive but it really makes me enjoy those long hard runs,especially when coming back home and downloading the heart rate info to see how ive done and compare performance last month or even last year.

laters people.


  • Speedie,

    I live in Kent too. Can you let me know what roads you run down with all that lovely, expensive kit and when you plan your next outing. I'll get my swag bag ready.

  • Hi,

    when I see all the value you are carrying around, I have one "important" question. Are you running with a body guard?

    I think, we should better not think about the expenses and run just for the fun.

    Just imagine, because of your HRM you do not need a rolex watch, then it is a very chep sport.
  • Does it make you speedier speedie? Would love a timex speed, distance watch but couldn't justify the cost. Maybe santa will be kind!
  • (Hello EP!!) right, and look at the cost of trainers!! I think thats where the money is best spentthough,.. does anyone recommend a decent stop watch thingy for under £15??
    My best vest cost £1 in primark, I cut the bottom off so it didn't look like I had no shorts on! Although come to think of it, if I'd left it long I wouldn't have needed shorts. :-)
  • If you had bigger shorts you could cut out arm holes and so wouldn't need a vest :-)
  • heh heh heh!!!! bloody fine idea!! Shame I didn't think of that when I had my bladder problem, might've helped!!!
  • Evil pixie,
    Yes i tell my other half that to.

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Happyslug - my stopwatch cost £15. It's only a basic Timex (has 8-lap memory but I don't use that). Face is big & clear enough to see while running & relatively easy to set & use. Got mine from Runners' Need though I'm sure they're available all over the place.
  • Hi Speedie,
    I run with a MP3 player and a Polar HRM and, like yourself, a camelback for those longer runs (when I can't persuade the wife to accompany me on the bike!). I like to think that I run so fast that no one can recognise the kit that I carry! Seriously though all anyone can really see is your watch and a pair of headphones - they could be connected to a walkman... remember those!!!

  • I have a HRM which was £180 and the infrared connector was £30 (the polar m610 I think it is called) and although my ability level does not get me using the interval settings to it best advantage, the fact that I can infrared all my running information immediately means that I have a very comprehensive race diary - I can see when I have been poorly, when it has been a hot day, when it has been near perfect conditions just by looking at a graph on my pc. It was a present from my partner but the most useful present that i have had - Get writing to Santa folks!
  • Whats wrong with a walkman? I still use mine occasionally when I run but admit it is heavy, bounces around and jumps. All that said MP3 things are such a mine field of tech data I wouldn't know where to start.
    I'm pretty cheap when I run compared to others so certainly not worth mugging!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I'm afraid I'm a cheapskate. My most expensive piece of running kit is my trainers, which cost £85. They had been put in the wrong place on the shelf in Run & Become and until I got to the till I thought they were £65. By then it was too late as I'd tried on half the shop!

    My partner bought me a running watch for my birthday - was £24 from Argos (reduced - he's a cheapskate too!) It's an Adidas one designed specifically for runners (apparently) - can store 40 runs with up to 10 split times per run (I think) and can also be set to time intervals. Perfectly fine for my needs - I wouldn't be able to operate anything more complex!

    I do have two pairs of Adidas running tights which I think were about £25 each - but worth it as they keep my legs cosy in the winter without being too heavy or restrictive.

    And that's it! It's probably just as well it's dark in the evenings as my winter running kit is somewhat 'bag lady' compared with my summer stuff. Oh well - Christmas is coming ...
  • I spent £150 on a HRM - what a complete waste of money that was. All it tells me is that I'm working hard - well I knew that anyway.

    I imagine those speedos are much the same they tell you that you're running 7 min/miles - well I know that when it takes me 35 minutes to run 5 miles.

    MP3 players - what a waste of money when you can just hum a tune :-)

    Money spent on running clothes is money well spent though, there is nothing more discouraging than bad weather. I bought a waterproof baseball cap from M & S for £10 that has proved to be invaluable in rainy weather.
  • Tom,

    Can I buy your HRM for a pittance then? I need to upgrade mine.


  • Anyone out thinging of mugging me - don't bother.

    Timex watch - about £30
    No pulsemeter - I bought my first when they arrived here, what, 10 years ago ? I now know how hard I'm running without checkimg my bpm.
    Phillips mini Radio - about £20.
    Oh and sometimes Oakley M Frames - £130 - damn - maybe they are worth nicking !

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