Part marathon and 3 Yorkshire peaks.

kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
I started doing some running at start of year with a man who runs a group I go to. I ended up jumping into agreeing to run a part marathon as a relay team so it will be between 5 and 8 mile I run of it. This will be September so plenty of time. Thing is because this man has been busy last few month I haven’t been running much. I know if I want to do this part marathon which I do I need to keep up running. I have been doing short faster runs on and off. It’s boring on your own and no running clubs near me. The man I used to run with has said he would like to start a running group in July for people who want to do running. Weather this will happen I don’t know as he will only do it if he has time and everyone gets a turn to be fair to everyone. Also not going to be helped by the fact he has brain injury and struggles deciding attention not noticeable but will make him extra cautious which really isn’t needed.

another challenge and I think slightly easier one I want to do is walking 3 Yorkshire peaks. The man who runs group I go to set me off he saw me listening to him on about 3 peaks and straight away said I wouldn’t manage them. He wasn’t being nasty just cautious. So today I mentioned to him a few of the group would like to walk 3 peaks and would like him to come. I knew he would be on cautious side so when his first sentence started with “I would feel better if” I thought oh here we go again. But he said “if we did a few walks to work upto the 3 peaks” like a 10 mile hilly walk first or something. So straight away I agreed as I know I never take safe option so obviously things could go wrong which I wouldn’t be prepared for. Also the main reason for me wanting to walk the 3 peaks is to prove that I could. I don’t for one minute think it would be easy, I know I would probably struggle towards end, but would push myself. I really do think I would manage now but seems for once the safe option will be more enjoyable. Has anyone here done the 3 Yorkshire peaks how was it? I know it will be tough as the man who said work up to them did them last year and he said he was tired for 2 days after and he is used to running marathons so shows they must be hard.
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